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it happens every time

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2022.01.23 11:24 is-cancer_funny it happens every time

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2022.01.23 11:24 A_Peoples_Calendar The Guinea-Bissau War of Independence was an armed conflict between communist revolutionaries and Portuguese colonizers that began on this day in 1963, lasting until 1974. The war is also known as "Portugal's Vietnam".

The Guinea-Bissau War of Independence was an armed conflict between communist revolutionaries and Portuguese colonizers that began on this day in 1963, lasting until 1974. The war is also known as submitted by A_Peoples_Calendar to aPeoplesCalendar [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:24 rugbykickoff Match Thread: Saracens vs London Irish

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2022.01.23 11:24 rugbykickoff Match Thread: Munster vs Wasps

| Team1 | Pos | Team2 | :--- | :----: | ---: | |Mike Haley|15 |Alistair Crossdale |Andrew Conway|14 |Marcus Watson |Chris Farrell|13 |Paolo Odogwu |Rory Scannell|12 |Ryan Mills |Keith Earls|11 |Josh Bassett |Ben Healy|10 |Charlie Atkinson |Conor Murray|9 |Dan Robson |Dave Kilcoyne|1 |Tom West |Diarmuid Barron|2 |Tom Cruse |Stephen Archer|3 |Elliot Millar-Mills |Jean Kleyn|4 |Elliott Stooke |Tadhg Beirne|5 |James Gaskell |Peter O Mahony|6 |Brad Shields |Jack O Donoghue|7 |Thomas Young |Gavin Coombes|8 |Nizaam Carr |Scott Buckley|16 |Gabriel Oghre |Jeremy Loughman|17 |Rodrigo Martinez |John Ryan|18 |Pieter Scholtz |Fineen Wycherley|19 |Tim Cardall |John Hodnett|20 |Ben Morris |Craig Casey|21 |Will Porter |Jack Crowley|22 |Rob Miller |Simon Zebo|23 |Sam Spink
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2022.01.23 11:24 Effective-Cobbler253 Stupid question. Does anyone run their propane heater on natural gas? If so, how should I go about doing it?

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2022.01.23 11:24 rugbykickoff Match Thread: Racing 92 vs Northampton

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2022.01.23 11:24 Vendrino Google Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Here's how to have it!

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2022.01.23 11:24 GoodWillPower Halo Infinite randomly drops to 5 FPS and stays there unless I click my other monitor. Also camera starts out under map and stays there on spawn. I can find a number of threads with this issue and No one has a fix yet? I've stopped playing because of it.

Let me preface by saying I have googled, Youtubed, browsed Reddit for weeks and am not finding answers. I've troubleshot this for weeks on and off and am reaching out here as a last resort. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know the issue is exclusive to Halo, but the issue seems to be exclusive to my rig as I don't see streamers or my peers having this issue.
What's happening:

  1. Install Halo
  2. Launch Halo
  3. Loading screen runs at normal FPS
  4. Once I get into the menus sometimes it will run normal for 10-15 seconds
  5. When issue kicks in, the FPS will drop about 20 FPS every second until it gets to 5-6 FPS and just stay there
  6. When I click onto my other monitor, the FPS will return to normal
  7. When I click back into Halo, it will drop back down as in Step 5.
Sometimes it will go away for a few seconds and the FPS bill bounce erratically between 160 FPS and 10 FPS, but it always ends up anchoring back down to 5-6 FPS. I've built two rigs - a 3080 rig and a completely different 3080ti rig (new MB, Processor, RAM, tower, completely new) and the issues persisted between both.
When I spawn into a match on the rare occasion that the FPS don't tank (usually for a few hours after a fresh install, though the last few times that didn't fix it):
I start into the match with the camera under the map. I will see the emblems of the players pop up on the intros, but not the players.
When the match starts I can see people running around the map and my team will say I'm in the game just standing still. The camera will stay here until I alt-F4 out.
I've read that this is because I am using a controller on PC. I tried to start matches with the controller off as suggested in other posts, it DOESN'T fix this issue.
Things I've done:
Background apps while Halo Infinite is on
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2022.01.23 11:24 Subarukun_is_love123 Need an mc as good as rance...

I dont care if its a visaul novel, manga lr anything im just realy desapreate , i liked denji from chainsaw man and slightly liked darks in bunny black but still hated him more than i liked him.
No matter where i look i cant find a character as good as rance .i have to forgot rance just to enjoy other characters
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2022.01.23 11:24 i_anindra Emmet vim snippet is not working

For some reason, Emmet vim default html:5 snippet is not working in nvim.
Am I doing something wrong? or this plugin is not working on NeoVim?
my NeoVim version is NVIM v0.7.0-dev
and timeoutlen=500
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2022.01.23 11:24 ChirpingSparrows Archbishop of Madurai Antony Pappusamy issues statement not to give communal colors to the suicide of stellar student Lavanya whose dying statement records her saying Sacred Heart School began torturing her after she refused to convert 2 yrs back.

Archbishop of Madurai Antony Pappusamy issues statement not to give communal colors to the suicide of stellar student Lavanya whose dying statement records her saying Sacred Heart School began torturing her after she refused to convert 2 yrs back. submitted by ChirpingSparrows to IndiaSpeaks [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:24 LibleftBard I'm anti-dog-abuse but I abuse dogs, here's why

I abuse dogs but I agree with the ethics of not abusing them. I think it's really bad to do it and sign petitions whenever I see one and I'd be 100% comfortable to stop it once they make it illegal in my aera, but I simply don't believe individual change. Like individual change is just propaganda from the companies (from which I buy my puppies) to cause infighting and divide people instead of uniting and pushing for systematic change. Like signing petitions and sending complains letters to those companies (from which I buy my puppies) straight into their paper grinder is two bazillion% more cost efficient than changing a slice of my lifestyle, source: me.
And before someone say it, no it's impossible to do both, you can only do one single form of activism, but also you can only support one single cause or you're literally a terrorist. Like if you're LGBT, a POC or a woman and defend your own rights, then you can't be anti-dog abuse or Joe Biden will come and turn you into a cis-white-whale, and don't even start me on inter-sect-anallism.
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2022.01.23 11:24 DaAwesomeN “Faculty have the discretion to choose the option that works best for their class and are not required to provide one option over another (such as recordings).”

So does this mean it’s the students’ responsibilities to ask all of our professors if they would do a hybrid/online option…? Bruv.
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2022.01.23 11:24 gruntyyy Tanjiro + Rengoku Fused

Tanjiro + Rengoku Fused submitted by gruntyyy to DemonSlayerAnime [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:24 NotRealOpinions Brec Bassinger

Brec Bassinger submitted by NotRealOpinions to CelebrityMidriff [link] [comments]

2022.01.23 11:24 Saving_Throw_Studios GMS2: Real Time Object Outlines in 5 minutes

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2022.01.23 11:24 HelloBloom How can I monitor what is randomly making my HDDs spin up?

I've got a PC with 2x 4TB 2.5" Seagate BarraCuda drives. They are managed with StableBit DrivePool with duplication on, so it's really 4TB of storage.
They are only used for storage of photo / videos, and are only accessed about once a week. but they will randomly spin up, probably twice an hour'ish. They make a really annoying white nose whine, and the shortest spin-down time they have is 5 minutes so it bugs me to listen to.

If I leave windows resource monitor open, it doesn't even show anything accessing them when they spin up!
I've tried Revosleep app, it it wont keep them slept because they are RAID.
Is there some software that can tell me what's causing them to spin up?
If I can't figure it out, is there a way to unmount them, then quickly re-mount them when they are needed? without loosing any date / drivepool.
I'd even consider a hardware power switch so they didn't even come on when I powered up the PC. Though that would be annoying to access.
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2022.01.23 11:24 tiago07o Olha a cara do caze kk

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2022.01.23 11:24 Ok-Relationship3538 Gente ayúdenme, de amigo a amigo

Como puedo tocar el pecho de una persona mientras duerme?, algún consejo, alguna hora o precauciones
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2022.01.23 11:24 SubbyYT So I'm writing an essay about how audiences consume content and how that impacts the creator's vision, and would greatly appreciate if you would answer this survey for me.

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2022.01.23 11:24 chromi_ Whats up with people with the names //////////// is there a trend going on?

Griefers is my best guess
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2022.01.23 11:24 MentalTest2 I'm new here 😍 Upvote would be nice to me❤️

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2022.01.23 11:24 Fidgitt Keeping it classy today

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2022.01.23 11:24 DavidDuma22 Audiobook editing Pay Rate

Hey guys and gals,
Just received an offer from a publisher for $40pfh. As I'm new to the audiobook editing, coming from a mixing/mastering background not sure if that's at least an OK pay rate for someone starting out in the field. What's your experience, and do you think it's worth the effort? Cheers!
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2022.01.23 11:24 monsuno5460 Got some questions

So I was just in the eliminator for the season challenge on fh5, and was very clearly way ahead of the person I was racing against but the race had just started and then not a second later, it said I had lost. Currently my internet is amazing so there wasn’t any lag let alone that much of a lag. Please help.
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