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Ike Broflovski was a skinwalker in the older seasons.

2022.01.23 13:06 basedmadlad Ike Broflovski was a skinwalker in the older seasons.

He seems to be more human in the more recent seasons. But in the older ones he always talks gibberish and repeats the same phrases and words such as "cookie monter" or "kokershang" like it's prerecorded and he's trying to imitate a human child which is exactly how skinwalkers lure their prey. He also never seems to cry or be afraid of anything like that one time when he got kidnapped by aliens and refused to jump off the ship when Kyle tried to save him or when he got circumsized and all he said was "Ouch babababa" in a really casual manner. This could easily be chalked up to him maybe being naive and autistic or typical baby behaviour, but remember he managed to get advanced placement in kintergarten despite at a really young age.
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2022.01.23 13:06 asso_di_jack POST PROVA AUTOMOD

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2022.01.23 13:06 That_Display_963 D1 ps4 raid,strikes and more need fireteam

Ps4 d1 down for strikes, raids, anything
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2022.01.23 13:06 Jhawk29 Question for tax experts

Hello, in August 2021 me and my significant other had split up. We had a child together. The child lived with her thereafter and has since. However, I was receiving the early tax refund credit for him monthly. But since we were split up and he stayed with her full time I gave her the full amount and transferred to her bank. She is very complying and willing to attest to this in case that is required during an event like this. My question arises when I go to file my taxes it asks me if I was receiving the payments and in this case I was but because I was giving them to her, we are both curious on what to do so I do not get penalized for this. She is willing to go with me to get our taxes done together and that is the plan. But I was just wanted to make sure that is the correct way of doing this. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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2022.01.23 13:06 jsager1982 [PC] CDN Stormtroopers-it kicks the llama’s butt.

CDN Stormtroopers is open and looking for new survivors. We are a small but growing community, with a good core of people already. With an experienced and engaged Admin team, our goal is to provide the best DayZ experience focused on community and memorable interactions. We have a hunting event planned already for the weekend of the 17 of December.
-We are a no KOS server, with interactions needed outside of a military zone to engage in PvP.
-Baseraiding is permitted on weekends only to allow people to be able to find a home, build and defend while also being able to go to work or school.
-We have a heavily modded trader to keep the game balanced and challenging, with some light mods to not take away from the original feel of DayZ.
-We are newly upgraded to 20 slots to help meet demand, and will continue upgrading as needed.
Come join a new community, and get in on the ground floor while we find our footing in the DayZ landscape.


CDN-Casuals, Diehards and Noobs. All are Welcome.
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Great to hear from you and get this beautiful card. These magnolia trees are so pretty when they bloom and smell wonderful. High in the mountains of your state there should be a few of them. When I lived further west in the state, we had one in our yard. Lovely but, when the seed cones dropped off to disperse their red seeds, it was a problem to mow the lawn. We tried raking them first, but you could never get them all (hundreds of them). These trees can grow really tall, wide and all the way to touching the ground. Daddy kept trimming ours so you could see it grow up tall and we could walk under it. The stickers are great. I had never seen any Cosplay stickers. At my age I had never been introduced to them. Thanks. Hugs to you ....take care my friend...❄️🛷🤗⛄
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2022.01.23 13:06 Marielelkhoury8merr4 If u don't get it, tio wears a mask that has a smile on it, so it makes it look like tio's happy when he isn't-

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2022.01.23 13:06 One_Mountain331 Is it just me who looks dog shit in phone camera but kinda good in mirrors?

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2022.01.23 13:06 Apprehensive_Suit260 You can train yourself to write well without really dying

I was having a bad morning. Sick pets and no time but the WILL to write (so I thought), BUT then I got a moment of free time, and it was that moment of blank page, blank mind. So, I did what all procrastinating writers do--I started scrolling aimlessly around articles about nothing, and some writing article popped up. It was sort of interesting, so I thought I'd share.
5 Elements of Writing
"Between doing nothing and having a dedicated and generous coach, the student-writer has a third option: read and digest books or essays on writing." The article suggests two books. I've read both, long forgotten Pinker's and have memorized Strunk and White's.
I guess it's back to doing nothing until that magical something happens. It always does. Sigh. I know what it is--it's that I have to do a little research for this chapter, and I'd rather write. The writing can start but invariably the research has to as well, and soon Google tabs will be popping up like daisies, and I feel lazy. Oh well, this post was procrastination. Hope someone related... or the article helped someone out.
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2022.01.23 13:06 VarietyofVariety 2 Questions

My first question is how could I flirt without teasing? Every time I'm interested into someone I find myself teasing them and sometimes I think I'm teasing a little too much.
2nd question: Is it weird to add someone on IG without them giving their IG name?
The second question deals with a situation at work. I work in an environment were there is little time to relax. When there is time to relax I speak to her (my coworker) and we tease each other or whatever. I searched her on IG so I could speak with her outside of work.
*Sorry for grammar
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2022.01.23 13:06 claudeteacher What would you do with this? (part 2)

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2022.01.23 13:06 dubsfor20 FREE* Lucki X Young Nudy X Playboi Carti X Duwap Kaine Type Beat "Solar Eclipse" (Prod.Drew 1Hunnit)

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2022.01.23 13:06 VikingsCode [video] Will Ragnar Come Back In Vikings: Valhalla?

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2022.01.23 13:06 Drekkonis Pro Settings & Setup Guide

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2022.01.23 13:06 x-hype We Have Collaborated With An Anonymous NFT Creator To Create A New Collection! To Celebrate, We Are Hosting A Collaborated Giveaway! Enter The Giveaway Here: https://giv.gg/JDjTAV The Prize Is A 1/1 NFT!

We Have Collaborated With An Anonymous NFT Creator To Create A New Collection!
To Celebrate, We Are Hosting A Collaborated Giveaway!
Enter The Giveaway Here: https://giv.gg/JDjTAV
The Prize Is A 1/1 NFT!
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2022.01.23 13:06 salaciousxslade These two lookin like one long boi

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2022.01.23 13:06 Elder-Rich_Art Birdswitharms Tarot XXII - Fool

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2022.01.23 13:06 starxB Question bout tinker

I have 100 games currently played on tinker and tbh I'm quite decent in using this hero but recently I've been struggling to win lanes on tinker. I find it hard to last hit due to his low attack speed attack dmg. When i lane againts SNIPER, QOP OR OD, i always lose lane. Ofc there are some games where i outplay the enemy and win my lane but its very rare. I scale really well after i get my blink but it's hard to get a fast blink when i struggle to get gold income during the laning phase. I usually go for the NothingToSay build which is 3 branches and a set of tangos. Should i have gone for a quelling blade? Null talisman? I skip this items and go straight for bottle --> soul ring - > blink and you know the rest. Also if you dont mind some tips for the hero would be nice <3 I have exactly 50% winrate on tinker and i am a 3k scrub if you wanna know that. Been struggling to climb this patch after climbing from crusader last patch by only spamming tinker and tiny
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2022.01.23 13:06 bencognito615 Career WWYD?

Hey, so I currently work for a non-profit/government agency in the USA. I currently manage 4 teams-the majority of which workers dgaf about their jobs. A promotional opp has come up to move up but basically do what I’m doing now -I’d have 5 teams instead of 4 potentially and have some additional responsibilities, formally.
My boss, my family all feel like I’m capable of landing the gig and are pushing me to apply. Therein lies the twist. I’m stressed af in my current position, having health issues (hypertension I’ve been battling for the last several years but is kinda acting up right now due to stress level/diet/etc. despite medications).
Anyway, the people close to me expect me to not only apply but land this gig. This week was the 2nd anniversary of my father’s suicide. Im feeling overwhelmed between the health/mental health issues I’m dealing with and just daily job stress and feeling like I can’t take anything else on rn despite what others expect/believe I can do. I’m in a bind financially living in a city with skyrocketing rent/housing prices so a promotion would help (marginally) financially but not sure it’s worth it health/mental health-wise. This employer allows me to take 3 credit hours per semester at a state college for free and what I really wanna do is learn some coding and switch to a position with less stress (not managing others) and similar or better pay eventually. WWYD in this situation? Apply and go through the process or tell everyone eat a genitalia and focus energy elsewhere?
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2022.01.23 13:06 rebus_ dark isaac plush fan art

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2022.01.23 13:06 aroninho Zach from Montana here, why do soccer players never shoot up the dressing room?

Howdy y'all,
It's Zach Svenbjornsson (I'm of Irish heritage) from Montana (long live the Confederacy). I started watching soccer a few days ago and my favorite franchises are Power Munich, London Bleus (France x Pulisic 🔥🔥) and FC
There's just one thing that ain't gettin' in ma head:
How come no soccer player has ever shot up a dressing room before? I mean there's gotta be at least one mobbing victim in every team, and with their high salaries (they are lower than NHL salaries of course but still), soccer players should be able to afford some pretty heavy fire power
That Pessi guy is one candidate I'd keep my eye on for example. if a dwarf like that went to my high school (go Bullfrogs!!) the jocks would push him in a locker and torment him until he fights back and gets expelled
I just don't get it. it happens in my high school all the time, why not in soccer?
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2022.01.23 13:06 heyheytherenow [ISO][US] Michigan gray all yours tee 2, 4 or 6!

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2022.01.23 13:06 RoBee_from_Norway Last day before I start new school so I decided to make some sushi for my family.

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2022.01.23 13:06 Studio10eleven Suspect Arrested in Fatal Tucson Crash Involving Pedestrian - U.S. News & World Report

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2022.01.23 13:06 RemarkableGroup9906 Do you Lasso and drag players by horse back during mission events?

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