Why do people love old cast iron skillets so much?

2022.01.23 13:19 stork38 Why do people love old cast iron skillets so much?

I get the benefits of cooking on cast iron. But why are vintage shops filled with people selling decades-old cast iron skillets when you can just buy a new one for $20?
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2022.01.23 13:19 TerribleDance8488 The game keeps crashing :/

I play on IOS if that has anything to do with the issue.
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2022.01.23 13:19 FernandV Pain Doré

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2022.01.23 13:19 Old_Truth6995 WINTER SHOPPING HAUL | Winter Wardrobe for Aayu and Pihu | Aayu and Pihu Show

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2022.01.23 13:19 Probeatz Frointier Airdrop! Easy to join (No id verification or deposit!)

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2022.01.23 13:19 NSWW Genesect Raid

Add 3274 8349 3442
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2022.01.23 13:19 bassthumbs Questions about union

So I work in a small fabrication shop in NY I make about 50-60k per year it fluctuates with no benefits besides a 401k and my employer matches 3%. I’ve seriously been questioning the iron workers union for the money and the benefits and I love structural ironworking which I don’t currently do. My only fears about going to the union are starting at the bottom and having to wait 4-5 years to become a journey man. I have 6 years of welding experience at the moment. Also what worries me is I’ve heard if there is no work you can be laid off for decent periods of time. I’m not worried about travel or anything like that. Any info anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated
My current company is going to get bigger but I can’t ever imagine making close to a union wage at the job or having great benefits. Thanks
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2022.01.23 13:19 Furbylord27 LGBTQ+ people of reddit, how did you realize you were not cis/straight?

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2022.01.23 13:19 GeordieGenetics Chirton (North Shields) - Is this a safe and comfortable area?

I am considering buying a house in Chirton. Does anyone have any experience (good or bad) of it?

Also, does anyone know of any Chirton community Facebook groups?
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2022.01.23 13:19 wh9doiexist Table abuse is eternal

This happened when I was 7, but I remembered it this afternoon and wanted to post it on reddit.
You see, when I was but a wee child, I had a weird habit. Every time I wanted to make a point, I'd slam my hand onto the nearest table or bench. Most people were fine with this but one of my teachers was irritated by this. During a lesson, after I had finished abusing the innocent table, she told me I was not allowed to slam the table with my hand anymore. My child brain didn't like this and thought of a glorious loophole. I proceeded to slam my leg onto the table and tell my teacher that I technically was not slamming the table with my hand. She proceeded to give me a detention. It was worth it.
Summary: Small child really wanted to abuse tables, teacher said no, child said no.
(this is also pending to be posted in storiesfromyourschool so if you see it there it's still me.
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2022.01.23 13:19 BlenderSecrets Masking and Mesh Filter

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2022.01.23 13:19 ivyra Where goes the dominant foot?

Hey guys!
Trying to learn how to snowboard. I am left handed and i typically do everything with my left hand only, but i feel no balance and fall constantly when my left leg is forward on the snowboard. On the opposite, i can actually ride on it when its behind the snowboard. Very confused by this.
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2022.01.23 13:19 raheejgaadallah The Citadel of Cairo - Taiz is located on Mount Sabr and overlooks the city of Taiz. Its construction dates back to the first half of the sixth century AH..

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2022.01.23 13:19 redwisdomlight Simple question from a beginner scripter

I am a beginner basher and with no real experience of programming.(some knowledge but not great)
I have this script

filename=$1 filename=${filename:?} howmany=${2:-10} sort -nr $filename | head -$howmany 
in the prompt `[abk@EndevourOS Learn_Bash_Book]$ highestnew `
`/home/sherabk/Learn_Bash_Book/highestnew: line 10: filename: parameter null or not set`

how can I eliminate the path and get only either `line 10` etc or `filename:etc`
Thank you
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2022.01.23 13:19 soda-hero 🎶 I wanna ____ you in the ass. 🎶

minscore: 3
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2022.01.23 13:19 MurkyName You can not convince me otherwise

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2022.01.23 13:19 Bedford20 Card Tab missing from App

Woke up this morning to notice that my CDC app and Visa card were tampered without my permission. I am now unable to see the pay tab on the bottom of the app. I also can’t open any of my accounts up to see the value of the coin in them. When I try to look at my accounts I get a white screen with only the values of the total account with no information of each asset. As a person in Ohio I also know the purchases from Ireland yesterday are definitely not mine. How do I go about resetting my app to initial settings and cleaning up the wrong purchases that occurred?
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2022.01.23 13:19 Randomicepack I screenshot this a long time ago and forgot the manhua it's from. Anyone know?

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2022.01.23 13:19 AgileGlove Older redditors who have said “I will always love you” when they were younger, did it happen?

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2022.01.23 13:19 Raunaq5ingh Well

Lupe had 2 commercially and critically successful albums before lasers. So why did Atlantic records pressured him to change artistic descions. When his artistic descions were the reason of success of cool and F&L.
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2022.01.23 13:19 Turbulent-Yam4301 [Xbox][Pricecheck] Striker Interstellar

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2022.01.23 13:19 JazzyBirdz Talbot Grinds 🤙🛹

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2022.01.23 13:19 officialdeadparrot an american staple, spam and eggs

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2022.01.23 13:19 DeputyLoser Emporer approved or heresy? C&C please

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2022.01.23 13:19 Old_Lack8404 sarap 😩😩

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