Passing map from the first half.

2021.12.06 17:54 sammcd1992 Passing map from the first half.

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2021.12.06 17:54 Hedonisticbiped I wonder why theyre limiting withdrawals from their investors 🤔🤣

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2021.12.06 17:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Scientists slam German tabloid's pandemic coverage | ABC

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2021.12.06 17:54 parkstar86 And I’m all out of puppies!

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2021.12.06 17:54 Alireza1479 I want to start again

Honestly i have a good life and most of the time that something bad happens or i feel bad is because of masturbation. It's always somehow messing with my mind and it has given me some of the shittiest days of my life so I'm really hell bent on quiting it once and for all. I will try to post here every night until i reach 90 days, wish me luck y'all. So this is day 1, hope to see you guys here tommorow for day 2, starting from righhhhhht now.
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2021.12.06 17:54 Rhorohoro Serialize an object and save it in a json file terminal application

Hi everyone,
I'm an IT Student new to QTFramework and cpp, and for a project I need to save objects (like players, games...) into a json file.
I need from the terminal (not an application widget) to load the save as well and read it.
My question is kinda weird but I follow the doc and tutorial about the save game from QT with the character (wizard, warrior, ...) one.
The tutorial was based on a widget application. I tried to adjust that for a terminal application but it does'nt work.
The libraries use in the tutorial (QJsonArray, QJsonDocument, QFile, ...) can work on a terminal application ? If so how I can translate a save file method from a QWidget application into a terminal application ? Most of the examples are based on widgets programs it's kinda disturbing.
For the code I litterally took the most of the code from the tutorial :
A little example of my part of code :
Player class :
void Player::read(const QJsonObject &json)
{ username = json["type :"].toString();
power_base = json["gramme :"].toDouble();
highscore = json["cacao : "].toDouble();
} void Player::write(QJsonObject &json) const
json["username"] = username; json["power_base"] = power_base; json["highscore"] = highscore;
From my save class :
void Save::read(const QJsonObject &json) {["chocolat :"].toObject());
} void Save::write(QJsonObject &json) const {
QJsonObject obj;
currentPlayer.write(obj); json["Player"] = obj; }
When I run my code, I have no errors, I have literraly nothing that happens like my program is just empty.
Sorry for my bad english, I'm not a native english speaker.
Thanks in advance !
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2021.12.06 17:54 TheFTWtryhard CS630 Final

Anyone know what the format of the 630 exam is? Any pointers?
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2021.12.06 17:54 terremoth How to get raw data from HDD with PHP, like this guy did in Python

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2021.12.06 17:54 JadedCause8611 Heated seats logic?

So my question is, if I turn on my heated seat. Drive somewhere. Then get out of car and say go in to a store.Does the heated seat turn off? When I came back to the car, the “3 bacon strips” were lit. Does it stay that way until I select otherwise? Wanting to understand how it is designed to work.
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2021.12.06 17:54 ragingslav is there a way to remove a submission to turn it in through ccle?

like if you accidentally put the wrong version of a document or wanna replace it with a different version before the due date?
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2021.12.06 17:54 MilsurpDan Finnish M/24 with a history

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2021.12.06 17:54 Sir_Shibes wen bcash

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2021.12.06 17:54 Ok-Neighborhood-9615 Ok question who actually saved the emperor

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2021.12.06 17:54 joebeefmontreal Teeter is Michael Landon's daughter IRL! Holy Crap! (sorry if this has been posted about)

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2021.12.06 17:54 builtfromthetop If you're not interested, just say it!

Online dating is a form of modern-day cancer. We talk, I connect on IG, then you start ignoring me early in our IG chat. Why can't people just be up front? It's so much more hassle like this
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2021.12.06 17:54 AdventurousAd1381 C

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2021.12.06 17:54 procryptoclass The Verdict Is In: ‘Faketoshi’ Craig Wright To Pay $100 Million In Landmark Bitcoin Lawsuit

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2021.12.06 17:54 wesbowski Dive is such a good song. The beat is so god damn hard. The flow is so immaculate holy shit. I have this shit on repeat so hard FUUUUCKKKK

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2021.12.06 17:54 modest811 Squirrels getting into apartment, ongoing issue, what can be done?

Hello, I posted about this awhile back but it's still an issue and I'm kind of at a loss of what to do and would love some advice!
Not sure where to start,
So my girlfriend and I live in a house converted into 4 apartments, we're on the top floor. Since about the summer we've had an issue where squirrels are getting into the attic, and from there they can get into the cupboard under our sink and tear it up in there. We've had to taken all the food out, barricade the doors, it's a fucking nightmare.
My landlord lives in Hungary, but he's represented by a real estate agent who understands that this is a big issue. Every time they get in the cupboard and the attic, we tell the real estate agent, he calls the pest control people, they board up the hole in the roof with one of those one way out doors and then the squirrels can't get in.
The problem is this only lasts if we're lucky a month, but now it's happening where it doesn't even last a week and the squirrels get back in. The pest control people have said we need to put like a steel base on the roof and like redo it, but that's going to cost a lot and the landlord doesn't want to pay the money. He wants to fix it himself come spring cause he thinks they're scamming him. His english is not very good. But until then, the squirrels keep getting into our place. The real estate agent is going to come by tomorrow and try and plug the hole so they at least can't get in the kitchen anymore but I'm still very worried because this is a Fire Hazard, no doubt about it. He knows more needs to be done but he can't do anything until he gets the okay from the landlord.
What as tenants can we do about this? The landlord has been technically doing something about it, but i'm worried he'll stop calling the pest people to plug the hole in the roof at all now because they keep coming back. We love the apartment otherwise, love the location, we pay a good amount, but this is ridiculous.
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2021.12.06 17:54 Quiet_Law_8541 Who has tickets for atlanta show dg world tour? Need 2.

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2021.12.06 17:54 -teddosaurus- This bitch got me paying her rent...

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2021.12.06 17:54 lss_bvt_ios_01 LssTest-TextPost-80946

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2021.12.06 17:54 puggos_pizzeria My SPOOKY TreeTooz!!!

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2021.12.06 17:54 pmu_pmu_pmu Big win from a few nights ago -- can't believe they offered Isaiah Stewart threes 😂

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2021.12.06 17:54 colewells91 Pvs14 gen2+

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