Where would I go to hire someone to make low poly trees for me? (I have the high ploy already)

2021.12.06 16:46 manthisguntastebad Where would I go to hire someone to make low poly trees for me? (I have the high ploy already)

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2021.12.06 16:46 CatOfRivia [spoilers ep9] What do you think will happen to the Council?

They can't just all die, right??!
Who do you think we'll survive Jinx's shot?
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2021.12.06 16:46 Dego000 1 Up on Me - Unquenchable (2009) (It's just me?)

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2021.12.06 16:46 story65 What is the truth can an American go on vacation to certain foreign countries and get quality free healthcare?

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2021.12.06 16:46 PumpkinSpiceX Treat yourself this year! This ginger has the scent that’s sure to blow you away! 5 ⭐️ seller, verified and Fet friendly! | panty drawers/menu/bio in profile! [Selling][USA][f]

Treat yourself this year! This ginger has the scent that’s sure to blow you away! 5 ⭐️ seller, verified and Fet friendly! | panty drawers/menu/bio in profile! [Selling][USA][f] submitted by PumpkinSpiceX to pantiesandsocks [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 16:46 Outrageous-Paint-609 My first meme, enjoy!

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2021.12.06 16:46 badblood1234 Stream GUCCI MANE VS GATORADE50K - MY CHAIN (OPTIMIZED MIX) by GATORADE50K

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2021.12.06 16:46 A_MasteR_at_WorK The fastest laptop CPU ? (Excluding Apple’s nee M1 lineup)

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2021.12.06 16:46 Enough_Respect Cayo perico b2b ps4 Pink diamond . I don’t mind what you have i’ll take anything. Someone grind with me!

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2021.12.06 16:46 dilfswithcatears AITA for taking a picture of a customers license plate?

Sorry if any of my grammar is rough, I'm typing this within a 15min break and trying to fit as many details as possible in without making it unbearable to read.
I (20f) am a manager at a local AZ grocery store (statewide only). We've just recently installed a Starbucks into our store and hired new baristas. Say what you will about Starbucks itself, but the staff are super sweet, work really hard, and having it in our store has given kids a safe place to hang out near their neighborhood since the only thing teens have to do in this town is drive or go to Walmart. It's also provided at least 20 job positions for these baristas.
This is where it started. I was maintenancing the lotto machine real quick, which is in sight of the Starbucks. The girl on the register was having issues figuring out some of the UPCs I think, and I heard an old-ish woman gasped "oh fucking Christ" The two women looked at least above 30, one being a bit older looking, somewhere around 50. The older one was wearing a BP employee uniform and a nametag that I later read as "JoAnn". I looked over and listened a bit, which is something I usually do when I hear a customer getting irritated so I can be ready to intervene. Another customer comes up to me and asks some questions related to the store renovation. While I was talking to them there's some raised voices, almost arguing. Not really arguing I suppose, more like two grown ass women belittling an 18yo girl because it took her a minute (there was only 2 baristas that day and a bit of a wait) and one of the drinks wasnt how she wanted. At this point I started walking across the lobby and approaching them. The woman was repeating "it's not fucking hard. It's not that fucking hard. What part of that do you not understand?", the girl tried to respond, and the older woman squeezed her cup and threw her drink at the girl working behind the counter, almost in a whipping motion. Everyone in the store completely stopped and looked. The girl stood there looking frozen and quite honestly petrified, covered in iced coffee. The younger woman was covering her mouth in shock, but looked like she was just holding back laughing--mouth gaped almost smiling going "ohmygosh". I rushed over pretty much going what the fuck, and I told the women to leave. I was so mad all I could say was "get out. Do not come back. Leave." To which the older one wearing the BP employee uniform, I could almost say the mom possibly, started saying things like "Well you've lost my business, this place has gone down hill. Not the store I used to know" as they were walking out.
This is the part where I may or may not be an asshole-- I was furious at the sight of it and the way two grown adults would act towards a kid doing her job to the best of her ability, that instead of staying and checking on our barista I followed them out to their car. I can say maybe in this situation I was heavily influenced by my emotions, as I had quite enough customer bullshit for one day. The moment they realized I was following behind they started mocking me and hollering random things as well as walking faster. "Why are you following me?" "She's trying to harass me" And "fuck this store, honestly". I just kept following until they reached their vehicle, a Toyota Carola, which one of them unlocked with their key fob. I stepped behind the vehicle as they loaded into their vehicle still bitching, only to take a picture of their license plate. At this point the driver hops out, visibly enraged, and starts going towards me and reaching for me with one hand, as if demanding I hand her my phone, as I'm putting it in my back pocket and started heading back to the building, "what the hell are you even doing? This car is my property" and "keeping taking pictures for your Facebook" . I move around pretty quickly at normal pace so I wasn't really worried about getting attacked, just kept heading towards the store. She was just holding her arm out and pointing at me while ranting and attempting to speed-walk, which is suprisingly easy to ignore.
"I'm taking a picture of your license plate so we can charge you with assault. You assaulted our employee" at this point she starts going "call the fucking cops" and talking about calling the cops on us, I called back, fine go ahead. Turning yourself in at that point. She stopped following me when I reentered the store and huffed back out to her car and left. Another manager called the police (he arrived within 25 minutes roughly) and he went back over to the Starbucks to let them know they have the choice, as well as surveillance evidence, a licence plate number, and multiple witnesses, for the girl to go ahead and press charges, because throwing a drink at someone is in fact assault. The Starbucks manager said they sent the girl home early as she started crying after it happened and couldn't stop, and her uniform was covered in iced coffee as well as it being in her hair. The manager told me at her old job a girl got fresh hot coffee thrown on her and burns all over her face, so "___ should consider herself lucky it was iced".
Towards closing time I ended up calling the BP gas station, which is down the road, and letting them know one of their employees, in full uniform, who's name said "JoAnn" on her nametag, assaulted one of our baristas and has been 86ed from the store. The guy on the phone was pretty in shock, but apologized on her behalf, and said they would likely talk to her when she returns to work. I also let him know the girl decided to follow through with pressing assault charges on at least JoAnn. >>>BTW '86'ing someone means you banned them, and if they return you have the right to call the police.
The store director let me know that we received a complaint call that an employee was taking pictures of her license plate. I informed him that it was actually the woman we banned, and we both ended up having a good laugh about it. I can't say I really regret doing that specifically, although I strongly feel like I should have went over sooner as I could have possibly stopped the baristas assault. I do feel a bit unhinged and petty because I've never chased down anyone like that before, and I can honestly say it was motivated by pure rage that I wanted to get her ass.
TLDR; A customer threw her drink at one of our employees so I followed them outside to their car and took pictures of their license plate, then reported to the woman's workplace that she's been banned in our store and charged with assault.
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2021.12.06 16:46 Krisneyk Ghost Skin! I hope they will add it to the game!

Ghost Skin! I hope they will add it to the game!
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2021.12.06 16:46 Itsybitsytipsyoopsy My coworkers stopped speaking to me for defending my boyfriend for being caring

Throwaway acc.I've(22F)been in a LDR for 3 yrs with my bestfriend from University (22M). We haven't seen each other for over 2 yrs(yayy COVID). The main characters here are AJ(28,F) and NB(24,F) and they're my coworkers. AJ used to be my supervisor for 2months & made my life hell at the time. She rebuked me openly at work everyday and constantly asked me "how did you get accepted here?" It went on until her contract ended. Soon after,I was introduced to NB at the lab.NB asked if I was dating to which I said yes. After asking me where my bf came from, she exclaimed," I always wanted a bf from __. Imma steal him from you". It was awkward and I laughed it off.Then for 3 months, she kept saying things like "He's so hot, why do you get to have him?","Why is he with you?","I speak his language,I can sing him a song in _","G'morning, how is your bf feeling today?","I stalked him on IG and he’s really hot" etc. always trying to pass it off as a joke. Every single time I tried to ignore her.My bf heard all about her from me & absolutely hated her too. I'm non-confrontational in general and I tried hard to maintain the peace at lab until now. After 3 months, AJ returned to lab with a renewed contract-NB & AJ immediately hit it off.3 weeks ago,AJ got drunk after lab & apologised for "being unfriendly because I was stressed". She also said "I'm a very good person, I was just being professional" & thanked me for not being rude back. I thanked her for her apology & told her that even though it caused me panic attacks everyday at the time, I still hoped that we could work together from now. I thought things would finally be better but I was wrong. A week ago,I accompanied AJ to lab at midnight to complete an experiment.My partner was worried when I called him while wheezing my way to lab because I have really bad lungs and walking uphill in the cold(-12°C) wasn't the best.I assured him that I'd get home safe.AJ overheard this & immediately complained"your bf is too much,he's controlling,it's your life" etc. I assured her that it was because I usually got really ill on cold nights and he was only worried.I thought she understood and left it. Yesterday,AJ & NB decided to randomly come over to "have a girls' night".I was too embarrassed to turn them away & invited them in. After 3 hrs, my bf called to check up on me and see if I'd eaten dinner & spoke for 5 mins.I left to check on NB & AJ who were now really drunk. NB is generally loud and she started asking for my bf and repeated "WHY DOES HE NOT CARE IF I'VE EATEN?","CALL HIM RIGHT NOW, I WANT TO TALK TO HIM".Somehow, AJ found all of this funny. After repeated loud requests to talk to him despite repeatedly being told no,I didn't know what to do and called my bf & explained this situation to him. He was understandably not amused but agreed to speak to her on speaker for my sake.
"Him:hello NB. How are you?NB:HEYYYYYYYYYY, WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK IF I'd EATEN,DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT ME?Him: I wasnt aware I had to, but I hope you've eaten.NB:THANK YOU FOR ASKING ABOUT ME,i did eat,it's SOOO GOOD to talk to you finally!Him:yeah...may I speak to my gf now please?"
And he then told me how uncomfortable he is having some woman he's never met demand that he cared about her.I agreed w him & wanted them to leave.I offered to walk them home cuz they were drunk,it was late & I wanted them to get home safe.OTW to their place, NB screams on the streets "your BF is an AH, He was so impolite to me!" AJ agreed with her. I was frustrated and I asked her how he was impolite to her.she kept repeating it and said that he could've been nicer and cared more about her feelings instead of saying "I wasn’t aware I had to". I was pissed & asked her why he owed her anything at all. She then said "if you're so aggressive,no one will want to talk to you cuz every lil thing will aggravate you". AB then adds that my bf was an AH also cuz he was "controlling and asking too many questions". I asked her why caring for me made him an asshole and they laughed it off and ignored me.
Today, AJ told everyone her version of the story where I'm really aggressive and "was fighting her friends over her bf". I thought I was justified for asking them to explain their rude remarks but the reactions of everyone at lab is making me think I'm the AH for overreacting. I feel like my relationship is causing this rift and I feel like I ruined the generally fun dynamic of the lab over this. I really didn't want to publicize my relationship to begin with and preferred keeping it to myself but now everyone has opinions on it. AJ and NB are completely ignoring me.AJ is in my team and I don't know how to face her or how to go into work without everything blowing up and me having to explain what happened. What should I do and how should I deal with this?
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2021.12.06 16:46 Its_All_Marvel_410 Shang-Chi 2 is officially in the works with Destin Daniel Cretton returning as writer and director

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2021.12.06 16:46 Thekjman Love how I get this ad when I’m listening to juice

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2021.12.06 16:46 FallCompetitive7976 06-December I am still here

It is 06-December 19:46. I am doubtful.
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2021.12.06 16:46 Demetri_The_Humble Free MTG Arena codes

New to both MTG and MTG Arena and was a bit frustrated I didn't have enough crafting cards for specific cards. so I went to Google and typed in "MTG Arena codes" and ended up finding enough valid codes to have roughly 15 crafting cards (between Common, Uncommon, etc. etc.). I figured I'd make another post about it here to help other fellow newcomers. some of the codes which should be valid aren't and visa versa, so I'd suggest you try them all.
Source #1 = https://draftsim.com/mtg-arena-codes/ Source #2 = https://cardgamebase.com/mtg-are Source #3 = https://mtgazone.com/codes/ Source #4 = https://mtgrocks.com/mtg-arena-codes/
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2021.12.06 16:46 Heart-of-the-Ocean Now I do

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2021.12.06 16:46 BlackSheep5561 Not doing that great

I’ve been tempted to say fuck it and pick up again. I know it would be a mistake and would hurt me, but depression and low self esteem are really working against me. My meds aren’t helping like they were before.
Last night I nearly made up my mind I would, but I don’t want to go back to that. I’m trying to do the right things, I told on myself to multiple people.
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2021.12.06 16:45 NucleurDuck Do these proportions look ok? Each rice pack is 250g. Each coco coir is 650g. Is 1 rice-pack to 1 coco brick a good ratio? I happen to have this plastic box already. I'm not sure it's exact measurements. Would it be ok to use all three rice packs in this one box?

Do these proportions look ok? Each rice pack is 250g. Each coco coir is 650g. Is 1 rice-pack to 1 coco brick a good ratio? I happen to have this plastic box already. I'm not sure it's exact measurements. Would it be ok to use all three rice packs in this one box? submitted by NucleurDuck to MagicMushroomsUK [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 16:45 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for Douglas-Barnes1

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2021.12.06 16:45 LaxitiveLeo Will Giant Turkeys go away in December update?

Does anyone know if they'll still be in the game or if they're leaving along w/ the luck food?
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2021.12.06 16:45 Commercial_Brief3007 Benfica - Sporting pode vir a ser repetido

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2021.12.06 16:45 mymichelle1 No classes open for transfers?

I’m a transfer with my registration appointment on january 7 (in a month). I’m looking at classes for next semester and so many, including the upper division writing requirement, are already full! Are there spots reserved for transfers or will I just not have any classes next semester? I’m so worried.
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2021.12.06 16:45 xX_Ben2008_Xx I am BenKirb AUTTP. Ask me anything!

You may know me as the one who makes Vyond Randomness and logo jumpscare videos.
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2021.12.06 16:45 Cleoishere1998 22 (f) audio. 18+ ONLY

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