I'm sorry you guys I thought it was a guaranteed diamond I got this from my pack not flexing just sharing.

Week 2, Sun. Hi Mum, I'm a nudist! NonConsent/Reluctance 05/13/20: Casey's Fall Ch. 15 (4.69) Week 3, Mon. Just a nude girl shopping for shoes and makeup. ... Everybody's got to learn sometime. ... MLB locks out players, officially initiates baseball's first work stoppage since 1994-95 strike. Baseball has reached a labor reckoning that will now freeze the offseason and consume the winter. But you never know, and I’m not saying that someone can’t come up with a different way of finishing it but it would definitely be outside the box of it on anything but tile. I’m afraid I don’t have good input on the first part of your question but I’m just not that knowledgeable on insulation and vapor primers. My teasing went too far and now I'm paying for it. Oh Joy! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/31/19: I Can't Stop Teasing Guys Ch. 03 (4.75) "My teasing keeps getting me in over my head. No stopping now even if I wanted to." Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/08/19: I Can't Stop Teasing Guys Ch. 04 (4.55) "Now I'm told to tease the son of David's boss. On it. But, alas, I’m not, this is me and how I write:⠀ ⠀ ⠀ WHAT I USE:⠀ ⠀ My Sony VAIO laptop. It goes everywhere with me. It’s a sexy shade of white, it’s years old and yet somehow doesn’t look it, it was a super duper model back in the day, it is beginning to go on its way out and I will cry when it does. Caring 4 You Tutoring Services has been healing the community one student at a time for over 20 years. Contact us today to set up your tutoring session: Ph: 1-586-457-7230 WhatsApp: 1-586-457-7230 ... If you were a bike racing fan in the 1980’s, you probably thought that this was the coolest bike you had ever seen. We sure did. The Vitus “Carbone 9” Kas – Canal 10 racing team bike. The frame was an early carbon (or Carbone, if you’re French) fiber model built very similarly to Vitus’ 979 aluminum bikes. It’ just a matter of how the tub was positioned in the space. Some tubs have a much thicker flange- like 3/8 inch which will result in a more even installation. So there’s no correct way but rather a matter of working with what you have. As far as notching, I’m not aware of an official statement on this from the people at GoBoard. Any reader can search newspapers.com by registering. There is a fee for seeing pages and other features. Papers from more than 30 days ago are available, all the way back to 1881. "Alright, I'll suit up. Sylphy, Zanoba, and Elinalise, you three come at once. Cliff, please activate your Identification Eye. If you notice something, I'm counting on you." "Got it." "Understood." Nods two of them, Elinalise lifts up her hands and retreats. "Sorry. I'm just watching today. I'm feeling a little under the weather."

2021.12.06 18:26 ELEV8_HYUGA I'm sorry you guys I thought it was a guaranteed diamond I got this from my pack not flexing just sharing.

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2021.12.06 18:26 Sam_hutchins200 Dirty birdy, nastiest slut on snap

Add me it's SarahsNoodz
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2021.12.06 18:26 bdwyer2021 Mumbo and the Lorax are the same

Mumbo=peace, love and plants Lorax=peace, love and plants Mumbo=Lorax
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2021.12.06 18:26 excessive_coughing ¿Porque no los dos?

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2021.12.06 18:26 Huntery0 Daily Calliope #133 (@Amona06728080)

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2021.12.06 18:26 Goldie46 Georgia State DB Chris Bacon transfers to Bowling Green

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2021.12.06 18:26 GET_TO_THE_CHOPPERRR GH Research announces positive data from Phase 1/2 of 5-MeO DMT in Treatment-Resistant Depression: 7 of 8 patients (87.5%) were in remission (MADRS ≤10) at day 7 after dosing (p<0.0001)

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2021.12.06 18:26 jimjenkins Help non-handy person fix renter wall damage from renters

I just bought a condo that had renters in it and I'm stuck with zero experience doing anything remotely handy to fixing some issues to make my living space feel livable. If anyone can help, I would be extremely grateful for any guidance/youtube video/links/materials suggestions.

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2021.12.06 18:26 brazilianpedroo Groupchat

Upvote if we should make a telegram groupchat for this
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2021.12.06 18:26 ScottComstock Let’s play a game called “you’re full of shit”

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2021.12.06 18:26 Ethang51702 Question for VIP owners

I bought VIP tickets for me and my girlfriend for the 12/10 show in New York and I’m confused as to when we should show up for the VIP access in to get the stuff that comes with the package. I don’t want to be to late or to early to the show and miss it. And also how did your vip experiences go?
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2021.12.06 18:26 Due-Major [USA-PA] [H] Crucial 1TB m.2 / WD Blue 2TB m.2 [W] PayPal

Since I just upgraded my SSD to NVMe, I have these two SSDs for sale:

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2021.12.06 18:26 SouthBayGardenaKid Good Solar Panel Companies & Happy?

Can you recommend any good solar panel companies? We are looking into this but most of my neighbors with them are not happy with the costs and company.
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2021.12.06 18:26 bonsaitreehugger Modern Art with 3

We played Modern Art with three over the weekend, and it fell pretty flat, which was a shock because we all love Knizia games and auctions. Basically, what would happen each round is there'd be a very clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place artists that would emerge early on, and then it was basically known how much these paintings would be worth at the end of the round, so people would bid just under that expected value. Play became pretty automatic.
I think with three players, there's just too much individual control over which artist does well.
Is this a common problem at the three player count? Is there anything I can do, as an individual, to mess up that tendency and make our group's dynamic more interesting, or should I just save this for the higher player counts?
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2021.12.06 18:26 Park008 God of war

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2021.12.06 18:26 Terrible-Cancel1916 A couple of questions about LRC

Hello Newton, I was wondering why I can't set sell limits with looping? Also, can I withdraw arc into my own wallet now?
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2021.12.06 18:26 ElsieSimone what are some things you do to make extra money?

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2021.12.06 18:26 open_planet Lego - When Innovation Leads to Failure

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2021.12.06 18:26 FSKNGL Mazda Rx7 Spirit R S1 RWD race tune (Requested)

Stats: RWD 896 HP 907 NM 1149 KG
0 - 97 Km/H 3,685s 0 - 161 Km/H 7,143s
Engine - 6.2L V8 swap Forced induction - Centrifugal Supercharger
Style - Front Forza Aero and Rear Forza Aero skirts, hoods and bumpers are optional
Tyres: race slicks Max width Front and rear Max Spacers Front and rear (optional) Rims TC 105 N WEDSSPORT (optional or pick the lightest rim)
Transmission Race clutch - race transmission - race driveshaft - race diff
Race brakes - race suspension - race antiroll bars - race cage - race weight reduction
Race intake - race fuel system - race ignition - race cams - race valves - race centrifugal supercharger - race flywheel
Tyre pressure 1.7 Bar Front 1.9 bar rear
Gearing: Final drive 2,63 1st gear 3,04 2nd gear 2,25 3rd gear 1,73 4th gear 1,37 5th gear 1,12 6th gear 0,94
1.5 camber front 1.0 camber rear 7 degrees of caster
Anti roll bars:
29,30 Front 24,50 rear
598,4 LB/IN front 491,7 LB/IN rear
Ride height 17 cm Front and rear
Rebound 13.5 Front 8.6 rear
Bump 6.5 Front 4.3 rear
Aero: Max Aero Front and rear
Diff 9% acceleration 13% deceleration
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2021.12.06 18:26 5igorsk Третья Буква Дрозда (лонгрид)

Третья Буква Дрозда (лонгрид)
"Прозевав остановку, он все же успел выскочить у сквера, сразу повернув на каблуках, как обыкновенно делает человек, резко покинувший трамвай, и пошел мимо церкви по Агамемнонштрассе. Дело было подвечер, небо было безоблачно, неподвижное и тихое сияние солнца придавало какую-то мирную, лирическую праздничность всякому предмету. Велосипед, прислоненный к желто-освещенной стене, стоял слегка изогнуто, как пристяжная, но еще совершеннее его самого была его прозрачная тень на стене. Пожилой толстоватый господин, вихляя задом, спешил на теннис, в городских штанах, в сорочке-пупсик, с тремя серыми мячами в сетке, и рядом с ним быстро шла на резиновых подошвах немецкая девушка спортивного покроя, с оранжевым лицом и золотыми волосами. За ярко раскрашенными насосами, на бензинопое пело радио, а над крышей его павильона выделялись на голубизне неба желтые буквы стойком -- название автомобильной фирмы, - причем на второй букве, на "А" (а жаль, что не на первой, на "Д", - получилась бы заставка) сидел живой дрозд, черный, с желтым - из экономии - клювом, и пел громче, чем радио".
Ребус с буквами (в отличие от сорочки-"пупсик") разгадывается тотчас - "название фирмы, конечно же, «Даймлер Бенц»", упреждает читателя А.А.Долинин и добавляет "Как явствует из недатированного письма Набокова Зинаиде Шаховской, написанного, очевидно, в марте 1936 года, именно «Да», а не «Дар» должно было стать заглавием романа по первоначальному замыслу писателя.«Боюсь, — пишет Набоков, — что роман мой следующий (заглавие которого удлинилось на одну букву: не «Да», а «Дар», превратив первоначальное утверждение в нечто цветущее, языческое, даже приапическое) огорчит вас» (The Papers of Vladimir Nabokov. —Library of Congress. Manuscript Devision. Box 16, No 19)"
"Даймлер Бенц" важен комментатору не сам по себе, а скрытыми в его латинице кириллическими буквами. Ребус Набокова именно в их сочетании, а не в надежде, что читатель пустится перелистывать названия автомобильных фирм Берлина 1920-х, чтобы отгадать, на какой из них сел дрозд ("Найдите, на Чем Сидит Дрозд"). Можно было бы даже сказать, что как русские изгнанники единственная явь, через которых аборигены просвечивают как безобидное наваждение, так через буквы автомобильной рекламы уже горят начальные буквы того Руководства "как стать счастливым", которое собирается написать ФК и пишет за него Набоков.
Однако давайте зададимся целью проломиться в открытую дверь - открыть третью букву Названия Романа. Если одесную Дрозда буква D, то какая буква ему ошую? I десятиричная?
Посмотрим на Даймлер-Бенца и бензинопои.
Можно вернуться на автопортрет Георга Шольца с тумбой (выше) и рекламой "Мерседеса". Что в ней характерно? Отсутствие названия производителя. Только "мерседес". Сверху - фамилия дилера.
Гипотеза c буквой I не работает, потому что Даймлер не использовал название фирмы в рекламе.
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2021.12.06 18:26 Painthesilence People seem so excited about this character design in Boruto...For real? He seems one of the aliens from INAZUMA ELEVEN. At this point they aren't shinobi anymore

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2021.12.06 18:26 Ry3_M WB Reshiram Raid right now

The first 5 to add me will get an invite 3308 6541 7538
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2021.12.06 18:26 lasagneking007 Oman v Bahrain | FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 | Full Match

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2021.12.06 18:26 KHALED_GXD Page three Of chapter 2

Chapter two Hello readers of the ow house story!
And welcome back!
This time we meet our young witch proposing a sparing match to Luz.
Khalid excited: it’s gonna be soo cool!
Luz jokingly: sure! I’m down for it! But remember, i won’t go easy on you!
Khalid hype: oh ho! Is that a challenge i hear?
Luz put in her Cloak that had all her glyphs inside
Luz hype: you betcha!
Then the two witches ran outside the owl house!
Eda and Lilith can be seen sitting outside on a bench
Eda glad: haven’t seen them this excited before, who do you think will win?
Lilith confident: although i haven’t bet on anything before, i say The boy is going to be victorious in this match
Eda hype: oh you’re so on sister! I bet on Luz! And i haven’t lost a bet with her yet!
At the sparing area, that’s right infront of the owl house
Khalid: Loud and clear!
Luz: crystal!
Then hooty blew through a whistle! Indicating the start of the match!
Khalid pulled out Alex who was in his palismen form onto of Khalid’s staff
Luz charged at Khalid!
She held two handfuls of glyphs, In one hand Fire glyphs. In the other, plant glyphs
Khalid: ignis! Try getting through this!
Fire began coming out from under Khalid’s staff, it acted as a shield around Khalid
Luz: defense huh? Okay, I’ll use my Magic pass
Luz put a combo glyph near the fire
Khalid confident: a singular. Glyph? What’s that gonna d?-
Luz stepped on the glyph activating it. Water began flowing out at a rapid pace!
It surrounded Khalid and put out the fire that was around him
Khalid: plan B!
Luz confused: plan B?
Khalid: abominatio, adiuva me!
An abomination’s upper body had risen from the ground, it grabbed Luz who wasn’t expecting it
Khalid confident: Abomination! Pull her away!
The abomination obeyed Khalid’s comman and pulled Luz away
Luz struggling: trying to escape the abomination’s grip you know, that was a Smart move. It got one flaw though!
The abomination began boiling into a puddle of goop
Luz confident: your abomination isn’t fire resistant!
Khalid began thinking “well [Bleep] that was my best move! Gotta think! Think think think!”
Luz grabbed a plant glyph and activated making a vine of plants lunge at Khalid trying to wrap him up
Luz confidently: nice moves Kal, but you’re about to lose this match!
As the vine warped around Khalid, Luz felt something was smelling fishy
Luz suspicious: this was easy, TOO easy. Something is definitely wrong
🎶 A paino started playing – GOLDEN WIND OST 🎶
(Specifically the paino part)
Lus turned around as the Khalid infront of her vanished into a cloud of smoke
She saw the real Khalid standing five feet away from her
Luz confused: when did you do that? I kept my eyes on you the whole time!
Khalid struck a jojo pose (jotaro pointing pose)
Khalid: you really believe i would run out of incantations that quickly? Hahaha! You fool!
Lus grabbed another combo glyph
Luz: think fast!
Luz threw the combo glyph at Khalid sticking it on his chest
Khalid: what’s this supposed to?-
The glyph exploded into an abomination ball that Khalid got stuck inside of
Hooty came and inspected Khalid who who poked his head out of the ball
Khalid struggling: can’t… Move!
After a minute of inspection, hooty came to Luz
Eda and Lilith came into the match area.
Eda proud: i never doubted you kid!
Lilith: i… lost
Eda: heck yeah you did sister!
Khalid rolled in his ball to the group
Khalid struggling: i need some help here grunting if you don’t mind
Hooty ate all the goop off of Khalid, till he was covered in saliva
Khalid shook the remaining saliva off of himself
Khalid: good match Luz! Offering his saliva covered hand for shaking
Luz grabbed his hand and shook it without seeing the saliva on it
Luz happy: it was really fun! Why’s your hand all sticky?
Khalid: don’t worry about it
After a much needed shower.
Khalid annoyed: I’m gonna be smelling like rodents and bugs for a month!
Khalid was walking outside to talk with Lilith who was practicing her combo Glyphs
Lilith took notice of Khalid walking by
Lilith: hello Human, out on a morning stroll?
Khalid: sort of, it’s just, I’ve been thinking about how Luz and Eda have so much in common.
Lilith interested: hmmm
Khalid: I just feel like the two of them have this unshakeable bond, so i was thinking. Can i be your witch apprentice?
Lilith had a shocked expression
Lilith: y-you want to be m-my apprentice?
Khalid: umm yea?
Lilith stopped her practicing and put her hands on Khalid’s shoulders
Lilith excited: YOU WON’T REGRET IT!
Khalid scared slightly: aren’t i supposed to say that?
Lilith took her hands off of Khalid’s shoulder
Lilith calm: ahem then it is settled, I will be your mentor, young witch.
Khalid excited: thanks! So, What’s my first task?
Lilith grabbed a scroll that she was ”totally” carrying around
Lilith calmly: this scroll here has the necessary ingredients i need, your first task as my apprentice. Go and get them for me
Lilith handed the scroll to Khalid so he pit in the scroll in a backpack he carried
Khalid a bit disappointed: i thought it’s gonna be a harder task, but. I can’t argue with my mentor!
Khalid went back inside the owl house feeling better then he was before
Sometime later.
Khalid was training with his bow outside, he was trying to hit abominations but he kept hitting the trees, the owl house himself and basically anything but them
Till he tired himself out, Alex was flying by coaching him
Alex coaching: You’ve got to concentrate! Narrow your Focus!
Khalid lowered his bow and looked genuinely tired, with sweat dripping from his face and his palm too slippery to hold the arrows
Khalid tired: I’m doing that! It’s just that I’ve doing that for too long! The sun is pretty hot! And my bandages got dirty!
Khalid sat down on the ground, tired and exhausted. He put his bow behind his back and the quiver attached to a belt around his waist
Alex: Khalid, you need to be efficient with your current weapon. I won’t always be around to help you
Khalid: can’t we just postpone the training for later? My arms are tired of holding the bow for so long!
Khalid stood up again
Alex: Abomination! Crumble!
The abominations that were around acting like targets all crumbled to goop on the ground
Alex: sigh i only hope that you would take the fact that you’re currently without any useful weaponry seriously. Yet! you STILL insist that your going to be just FINE!
Khalid: point taken, but i got to change my bandages sooo
Khalid went with Alex back inside the owl house.
They saw luz laying on the couch on her scroll Giggling for some reason
Alex went to upstairs to do palismen stuff, like reading and sleeping and playing a game of poker. all palismen stuff
Khalid walked over to a table and sat next to it, he grabbed a kit that was on it
He pulled bandages and a bottle of blue glowing liquid
Khalid gritted his teeth as he removed the bandages on his left hand
He felt an immense amount of pain, so much pain his wounds began hurting again. Till blood started dripping off of the wounds
Khalid in pain: this. Is. FINE!
Once he removed the old bandages, he began unraveling the new bandage roll.
Luz was on her scroll with amity, having a conversation till they heard “Fuuuuc!”
Luz on scroll: I’ll call you later Amity!
Amity from scroll: alright, are we still having that da?-
Luz hung up too quickly to hear Amity
Luz worried: what are you doing to yourself!?
Khalid can be seen pouring a blue liquid on his wounds as he wraps them in bandages
Khalid in pain: sarcastically seeing how long it’ll take for me to die of blood loss
He hands began shaking halfway through wrapping his hand, and ended up dropping the roll of bandages
It rolled and unraveled till it reached Luz
Khalid in pain: breathing heavily A little help here?
Luz hesitantly rolled the bandages back to Khalid
Luz emotional: is that because of what you did back at the petrification ceremony?
Khalid grabbed the roll back
Khalid in pain: this? It’s nothing compared to the injury Kikimora got that day!
He began wrapping the bandage around his hand but he dropped the bandages
His hand was shaking too much
Luz picked them up again
Luz helpful: here let me
She began warping the bandages around Khalid’s hand and knuckles slowly as to not agitate the wounds any further
Khalid impressed: you’re not afraid of the sight of blood?
Luz courageous: you ended up like this because you wanted to save me and Eda, i need to take responsibility. And that needs Courage
She finished wrapping his hand, then grabbed his other hand
Khalid stoically: I think i can do this one, thank you
Khalid began unraveling the dirtied old bandages off of his right hand
His whole arm began shaking uncontrollably, his wounds are too much for him
Luz helpful: let me help you!
Khalid in pain: it’s fine really! I can handle it!
He tried to reach for another roll of bandages from the kit but Luz had already grabbed it
Luz insistent: are you gonna let me help?
Khalid: sighs if that’s what you want, then go fo it.
After exactly one minute.
Blood started to drip out of Khalid’s hand
Luz panicking: OH NO!
Khalid losing blood: dam… I’m… getting a little… light headed
Luz poured some of the blue liquid on his hand, and after a few seconds it stopped bleeding
Luz calm: i stopped it!
Khalid lightheaded: hur…..ray!
Luz panicking again: Kal! Stay with me! Kal!
Khalid began mumbling something along the lines of “ why’s hooty moving the house?”
He closed his eyes, and when he opened them. He was lying on a table
Khalid drowsy: what the? What happened?
Luz and Lilith were sitting next to him
Lilith glad: apprentice! Thank titan! Your still alive!
Khalid looked at his hands and saw the new bandages
He began rising his upper body then he stepped up from the table
Khalid drowsy: god i must’ve lost a lot of blood
Luz and Lilith can be heard whistling as if they’re acting unsuspiciously
Khalid: I’m going to get some fresh air and maybe practice a bit, good job on the bandages Luz and thanks for the help mentor, i truly appreciate it
Luz can be heard saying “Phew!, at least he didn’t see the rag that’s soaking in his blood!”
Khalid went outside and didn’t hear Luz, he had his day planned in his head
Then a window shattering noise “Glass break!” can be heard
Alex came flying fast.
Alex: finally! You see the potential that you hold!
Khalid: i don’t know about potential, but I’ve been feeling rather “vulnerable” lately. Gotta start living up to my name!
Alex: are you saying you want to be immortal? I don’t know if i can do that Khalid
Khalid: well technically, I’m immortal till proven mortal!
Alex disappointed: surree whatever you want to say, for now i suggest picking up your bow and start practicing before your ego gets the better of you.
Khalid grabbed his bow from his back and an arrow from his waist
Khalid: ready?
Alex had summoned a few abominations
Alex: I am, are you?
Khalid loaded an arrow onto his bow and pulled it back
Khalid calm: Ready as I’ll ever be
Alex said a command to the abominations “ATTACK! “ and so they moved on to attack the young witch from various angles
Khalid shot the first abomination that was charging straight at him with an arrow through the torso
Khalid: dammit!
Then an abomination threw a goop fist towards Khalid
Khalid evaded the attack but he had to load another arrow onto his bow
Khalid Hurrying: come on! Come on!
Before he could get a chance to pull the string back, an abomination tried to body slam him
Khalid shot an arrow but due to the intensity he said “motus!”
When the arrow impacted the abomination, it got flunged away from Khalid
Alex amazed: fascinating, it wasn’t a normal bow after all!
Khalid confused: what just happened!? One minute I’m about to covered in goop! And then i make an abomination break the sound barrier?!
Alex looked at the abomination and the arrow that was used
Alex: thinking to himself it’s just what i thought, that bow is different and not the arrows
Alex flew over to Khalid
Alex: may i see that bow for a second?
Khalid extended the arm that held the bow
Khalid: Sure?
Alex inspected the bow Thoroughly, and noticed something
Alex: that string radiates the same magical energy i do! meaning one thing
Khalid suprised: LE GASP YOU HAVE A KID SPIDER?!
Alex confused: what? No! How can you be so disgusting? It means that, the string your bow has, is palistrum! Or at least the bark of a palistrum tree. The magic it holds is faint, that’s why i didn’t sense it the second i saw it
Khalid excited: does it mean I’m done practicing?!
Alex: no, it means you have to practice more now
Khalid: damn, and here i thought i was done. Oh well, better start now
Alex proud: that’s the attitude i was expecting!
And after tireless hours of training and practicing, Khalid began getting the hang of his new found tool!
He practiced till evening, that’s when Luz can be seen exiting the ow house
Khalid saw that she dressed differently then her usual cat hoodie, she looked fancy.
Khalid curious: what’s up with the outfit?
Luz shifted her attention from her scroll to Khalid
Luz nervous: just… going somewhere, definitely not a date! That’s not where I’m going! Haha… ha.
Khalid stopped practicing
Alex came flying over to him
Alex: i guess we can have some rest, you know, to ensure that you don’t use all of your energy
Khalid: yeah sure, besides that. You didn’t really answer my question Luz. And I’m not usually nosey buuut, where are you REALLY going?
Luz took a deep breath
Luz embarrassed: A DATE!
Khalid confused: why would you not want us to know you’re going on a date? No one here is going to stop you
Luz embarrassed: that’s not why! It’s just, I’m going on a date with a friend of mine-
Khalid smirk: oh! And sarcastically who might that friend be i wonder!
Luz embarrassed: it’s someone, reeeally important to me
Khalid: do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?
Luz’s scroll started ringing!
Luz hurrying: it’s Amity‼
Luz pulled out her scroll and answered it
Amity on call: hey! I just wanted to see how you’re doing! I hope it’s not a bad time!
Luz on call: oh no! It’s okay really! I was just going to place we talked about
Amity on call: Okay! My siblings will fly me over there in a minute, see you there!
Luz on call: byee!
Amity ended the call
Khalid: you good?
Luz hurrying: i need a ride. NOW!
Khalid: alright! Calm down! Alex! Alex took his palismen form
Khalid grabbed his backpack and pulled out a magic staff
Khalid attached Alex to the staff
Khalid: Kay, i got everything ready. You’re good to go?
Luz can be seen adjusting her outfit a bit.
It consisted of a checkered long sleeved shirt with cuffs
And a pair of blue jeans
Luz slight panick: these cuffs won’t. Stay. Closed!
Khalid planted the staff into the ground and looked at Luz’s wrists
Khalid: you gotta push the buttons into the slits gently, if you do it too quick it won’t work. Here, Let me show you
Khalid grabbed Luz’s cuffs and closed them for her
Luz hurrying: thanks! But we still need to go!
Khalid got on his staff and pulled Luz on it too, and then Alex started flying them to their destination, aka Bones Borough
On the flight.
Khalid: air blowing in his face where exactly is this date spot?!
Luz: it’s at the grom tree! Me and amity picked it! We thought that it was the best spot!
Khalid: choked on a fly blech! That was terrible!
Luz: what happened?!
Khalid: i swallowed a fly! Not the best kind to be honest, i had better
Luz: What!? Khalid: listen! I was a complicated kid! And i didn’t know eating flys was bad!
Luz: And i thought i was weirdest!
They began to see the big cherry blossom tree that was once the fear bringer grom, now it’s nothing but a lovely cherry blossom tree
Khalid landed next to the tree and Luz hopped off his staff
Khalid concerned: you have both me and Eda’s number right?
Luz: yup!
Khalid concerned: do you have a note book, Incase something happens?
Luz: you don’t need to worry about me Kal, I’ll be fine. Besides, if anything happens i got Amity with me
Khalid concerned: I’m just trying to look out for you, i know you are capable of handling anything but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about you
Luz: I’ll be fine, you don’t need to worry, pulled a glyph from her shirt pocket I’m going to be A. O.K
Khalid: okay okay, I’ll let you teans have your fun. I’ll pick you up after, kay?
Luz nodded as she went over to the tree
Amity can be seen landing with her siblings
Amity annoyed: how many times have i told you! You can’t come!
Edric: but mittens!
Emira: we like Luz!
Edric: yeah!, and we want to spend some quality time with you too!
Amity angrily hopped off of The staff she was flying on
Amity annoyed: just. Leave.
Edric and Emira thought of a plan, and then acted as if they’re flying away
Edric mischievously: don’t worry mittens!
Emira mischievously: you won’t see us till after your date!
And they flew away and used illusions to disappear
Amity relived: sigh
She went over to Luz who was practicing what she was going to tell her
(I have no experience in dates, you’ve been told)
Luz practicing: Okay, one more time. “hey amity! I wanted to ask you something! I know we’ve been friends for quiet a while. And I guess what I’m trying to say is-“
Amity stood behind Luz
Amity blushing: hey Luz
Luz was startled by Amity’s sudden appearance
Luz startled: AMITY!
She quickly turned around, nervously
Luz nervous: hey! I… uhh, didn’t see you coming
Amity slightly blushing: i just got here, so um, ahem what were you about to say just a second ago?
Luz nervous: uhh, nothing! Nothing at all! Nervous laughter
Amity: so I’ve been wondering, do you have any idea on how to start? The date that is
Luz nervous: to be honest, it’s my first date. I never dated before so this is my first time
Amity: oh! I see
After a few minutes of awkward silence, they began having a conversation about things that have happened in the past few weeks
Amity: so that’s why you hung up?
Luz nervous: yeah, Kal needed help with his hands so i helped him. Then blood got involved, and i started panicking a little
Amity: wow, I’m astonished, how did you handle all of that blood?
Luz emotional: i didn’t, just remembering it makes me want to barf, but it’s sort of my fault
Amity confused: how? It’s not like you did that to him or anything, right?
Luz sad: He got those because i wasn’t there, because of me he got injured. If only i had been there, things would’ve been different
Amity moved to Luz’s side, she put her arm around her trying to comfort her
Amity comforting: hey, it’s not your fault. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t hold you responsible for anything that happened to him that day
Luz emotional: tears in eyes really? sniffle are you sure?
Amity comforting: I’m certain of it, besides. He wouldn’t risk himself if it wasn’t to protect you guys
Luz hugged Amity
Amity blushing: thinking to herself gotta stay calm! But… she’s so close!
She saw that her hand was already on Luz’s head stroking it
Amity blushing x2: thinking to herself i can’t believe I’m actually this close to her! It’s like a dream come true!
While these two were having a date, Khalid was close by leaning on his staff
Khalid: …
He was trying to keep an eye out just in case something does go wrong
Edric & Emira: whatcha doin?
Khalid jumped from his leaning position and fell on his back
Emira playfully: awww~ did we scare you?
Edric: we were just flying by when we decided
Emira: We’re going to see how mittens is doing on her first date!
Khalid got back on his feet
He grumpily took his staff and made it small enough to fit in his backpack
Khalid grumpy: and why did you jump scare me?
Emira confused: aren’t you related to Luz?
Edric confused: we figured you’d want a come with us
Khalid felt like he was approached with a moral dilemma, he could either spy on his friend or go back to the owl house and do absolutely nothing
Maybe not such a difficult dilemma
Khalid hesitant: fine. I’m in
And so the three of them hid in a conveniently placed bush, and from it, they spied on Them.
Edric whispering: what are they doing?
Emira whispering: I think they’re talking about something
Khalid whispering: Why did i agree to do this?
Emira whispering: shush! I think Luz is asking amity something!
Edric whispering: you can read lips?!
Emira whispering: facepalms
Khalid whispering: Amity’s face just turned red, i think Luz said something embarrassing
Emira had a smirk on her face
Khalid, Edric and Emira watched as Luz and Amity took each others hands and began slow dancing
Khalid: okay! I think this is as far as I’ll go!
Emira: what? You can’t miss this!
Edric: gotta hand it to mittens, she never danced like that before
Khalid stood up and walked out of the bush
Khalid: i can’t invade their privacy, that’s the one line I won’t cross
Emira: suit yourself
Edric concerned: guys! Something is happening to Them!
Both Emira and Khalid looked back at the tree, they saw a group of coven guards surrounding them
Khalid Worried: grabs magic staff come on! Let’s go help them!
Both Edric and Emira got on their magic staffs and flew to help Luz and Amity
Coven Guard 1: your trespassing emperor owned property!
Luz angry: since when?!
Coven guard 2: Since now! Leave the premises, or face the consequences!
Amity whispering: Luz, we should go. These guys aren’t worth the trouble.
Khalid jumped from his staff and superhero landed on the ground
Luz: it’s alright, we’ll leave
Edric and Emira eventually landed as well
Edric: he’s fast! We couldn’t keep up!
Emira: what seems to be the problem here?
Coven guard 1 approached Emira, towering over her
Coven guard 1: these Witches are trespassing on Emperor owned property
Emira: is that so? Looks around I don’t see any sign that says that
Coven Guard 2: the emperor doesn’t need to mark the place for it to be his, now scram! Or we’ll make you
Khalid stood on his legs and shrunk his staff to a wand
Khalid: why the aggressiveness? Chillax buddy
More guards started coming
Golden guard: humans! We meet again looks at Khalid well, aside from him
Khalid: name’s Khalid, but golden medals call me their worst nightmare
The golden guard slowly walked from behind the coven guards
Golden Guard sassy: you’re just like the emperor described you!
Khalid: what do you want golden medal?
Golden guard: ouch! That hurt! But I’ve been called worst. As for what i want, the emperor seems to be interested in your incantation based magic. Specifically the inventor
Khalid put his staff in his backpack
Khalid serious: what makes you so sure I’ll give them up this easily?
Golden guard: thought you’d never ask snaps fingers
Coven guards restrained Luz, Amity, Emira and Edric using magic
Golden guard: so? Do we have a deal?
Luz struggling: don’t do it Kal! We can’t let the emperor become more powerful!
Golden guard walked up to Khalid’s face
Golden guard: where’s your well known sarcasm? Your bravado?
Khalid took a deep breath, then exhaled
Khalid composed: you want Hamilton? Fine
Golden guard: see? That wasn’t so hard to do? snaps fingers
The coven guards unrestrained Khalid’s friends
Amity concerned: are you okay Luz?
Luz: I’m fine, but. Kal
Emira: Amity!
Emira hugged Amity Warmly
Emira: are you okay? Don’t worry! Big sis is here!
Edric: hey! What about me?!
Emira: you seem fine
The coven guards restrained Khalid’s hands.
Coven guard 1: have a good night citizens! We’ll be escorting your friend here away
Luz tried reaching for her glyphs
Amity was drawing a circle spell
Khalid serious: NO! DON’T FIGHT THEM!
Luz worried: But, they’ll take you away! I can’t have that!
Amity concerned: you better not be giving up! Your friends need you, Luz! Needs you!
Khalid: friends? Family? evil laughter you think i care about that?
Luz in disbelief: what? Kal? What are you saying?
Khalid looked back at Luz, his eyes teared up, yet, his smile was wicked looking. It’s almost like he was genuinely switching sides
Khalid sad: You thought we were friends? You thought i was a part of your so called “family”? We. Aren’t. Friends. I never wanted to be a part of your family in the first place!
Luz crying: but why?! Sobbing i really believed you were sniffle my friend, so why?!
Amity comforting: Luz, it’s okay, He fooled us all. puts hand on Luz’s shoulder
Golden guard sassy: aww how sad, if you’re all done, I’d like to get this done before dinner.
Golden guard signalled to the Coven guards to take Khalid away
As they walked away Khalid stumbled on “something” and dropped a photo
The guard pushed Khalid forward, they didn’t notice the dropped photo
After they left.
Luz sad: i… I can’t believe he lied to us, sniffle to me
Amity comforting: i know, if i ever see him again! I’ll make sure he doesn’t make the same mistake twice!
Emira: I’ll be sure to help you with that mittens!
Edric was wondering around, then he stepped on the picture
Edric: huh?
He picked it up
Edric: woah!
Emira: what?
Edric: i think Luz should see this
Luz: see what exactl?-
Edric gave Luz the photo
She looked at it, then her eyes started tearing up again
Amity worried: what is it Luz!?
Luz showed Amity the photo, it’s a picture of Luz and Khalid with Eda, Lilith, King and finally Hooty in a group photo
They were all smiling happily
Amity confused: why’s it here?
Edric: i found it! Right after i stepped on it by accident, but i think it was that Khalid guy that dropped it
Emira: and what made you come to that conclusion?
Edric smirk: my genius level intelligence of course!
Emira: yeah right
Luz hopeful: do you think he did it sniffle on purpose?
Amity serious: i don’t know. But for now, i think we should take you back home
And so the group took Luz home, although Luz was going to tell Eda and Lilith what Khalid said, she chose not to. She was waiting till morning to tell them everything
But that’s gonna be in the next page. So stay tuned Hopefully I’ll get it done soon. Thanks for reading 👍
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