Cristales Spoiler-Free Video Review

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2021.09.28 05:34 tokenflipguy Cristales Spoiler-Free Video Review

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2021.09.28 05:34 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 05:34 workphlo Canadian Seller with European Fulfillment Aspirations....

If my business is doing $50,000 in sales annually with 25% of that from Europe, at a glance - does it seem like it would make sense economically for me to 'fulfill' the orders from Europe to European customers to lower costs? In your experience, would I be wasting my time or is this a possibility? Would I have to bulk ship 100 or 1000 units for example. to europe (3PL)? Any other details or advice (particularly on the economics of the situation) I would appreciate it.
Thank you!
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2021.09.28 05:34 massumii What was the point of the character Yuri?

so i’ve rewatched z nation like 3 times already because it’s my fav show but i’ve always been confused on why yuri (the russian astronaut who try’s to kill citizen z) is there like he cuts off the bases air supply and then asks simon why he can’t breath and then just leaves. I don’t understand the point of his character.
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2021.09.28 05:34 _LunaCass Worker to Requester Ask

Hello everyone! I am a worker and never intended on ever uploading jobs of my own. But would anyone be interested in interviewing a loved one 55+ for a survey? And how much would you want to get paid? I'm trying to out source psychology labs and just thought I'd ask here if that was something workers would be interested in.
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2021.09.28 05:34 pancakesinbed Cost of TGS 500??

Does anyone know how much TGS 500 registration costs per quarter? (Previous year price is fine.)
It seems like all grad programs offer it, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to access price info anywhere unless you register for it then get billed. 😅
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2021.09.28 05:34 SupremoSrdoUniverso Fuck weapons I am calling dibs on Melina

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2021.09.28 05:34 Localfatman For anyone complaining to Mihoyo

Make sure to use that Chinese twitter app and complain using google translate, if Mihoyo listens to only CN they shall
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2021.09.28 05:34 jjl7655 What to look for when watching and breaking down my own fight film and other fighters fight film ?

How do you watch and break down film ? I’ve never learned how to watch fight film and break it down like other fighters supposedly do. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for . As of now when I watch fights the most I get from it is energy management and individual moves or combos for certain situations . Other than that I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking for when watching film . Any help would be nice for an aspiring mma fighter.
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2021.09.28 05:34 L_Austin2 Frank has too good of defense

Make him play like he has common fielding. Annoying when he is always snagging balls down the line or making diving stops
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2021.09.28 05:34 abdelghafour00 Books to read for songwriting

I am looking for books that have analogies and a descriptive style, to give me inspiration for song writing (anything with metaphores and visualization) thank you!
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2021.09.28 05:34 skippingmud Good to see you!

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2021.09.28 05:34 TheMaskOf Press page

Hey guys, sorry it's been a little quiet. Been super busy with work and also planning on going to Hot Springs to help Sonny out with a music festival there. I added a press section to the website with links to album and song reviews, and interviews. I'll be sure to add stuff there as it gets published.
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2021.09.28 05:34 Starlight_Sparrow What do you do when you run out of things to talk about?

So my friend (28f) and her bf (28m) have been together for 7 years now i think? And she messaged me tonight for advice and i have no idea what to tell her so i thought ild ask here: what do you do when you run out of things to talk about in a long term relationship?
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2021.09.28 05:34 Redbow_ [Casual] Understanding The Diversity of Attractiveness

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2021.09.28 05:34 Mr_Markstar Hazel Mii from Animal Crossing, access code is 7F6FL3R

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2021.09.28 05:34 IcicleWrx True Love Waits (Live in Oslo)

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2021.09.28 05:34 BBJackie Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down – Frederick Douglass

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2021.09.28 05:34 wewora What are employers looking for on resumes?

I have had one position processing patient paperwork, another processing and auditing paperwork as well as filing/archiving it, and my current position is as a patient representative. I have included the average number of patients/records/calls I worked with for each position since I know that there are performance metrics in coding. I'm also highlighting my quality score for the current position because I know that is another big thing. I've included the EHR I have experience with. What else should I add?
Also, how do you add your certification to the resume? I just included CPC-A - AAPC online course - Date I received it.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.28 05:34 dancer20465 How to follow up with a shadowing opportunity?

I work at a clinic and this past summer I reached out to the clinic manager (she manages all the shadowing opportunities) asking if I could shadow some of the orthopedic doctors there. She said that she would be happy to allow me to shadow so she asked for my availability. I sent it to her and I didn’t get a response from her for 2 weeks. I did a kind follow up email and still didn’t hear back. But the weird thing is she would still send out daily emails to my department but wouldn’t respond to my email. I can’t shadow this fall because of my school schedule. So my question is should I try reaching out to her during winter break and ask again? I just feel super weird because she didn’t respond to my email and I know people can be busy sometimes but it would’ve been nice to get a response. Any input is appreciated!
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2021.09.28 05:34 mossy_vee First thing I thought of trying on the squirrel ears was they would make perfect buns for Usagi.

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2021.09.28 05:34 Labesamis Meanings of NA East Server Names / Picking an unofficial LGBTQ+ server

Hi everyone: I was curious about the names of the various servers/worlds, and here's what I've found. Sorry if some of the formatting is a bit off. I basically copied/pasted mostly from Wikipedia.

World/Server Possible Meaning
1 Themiscyra Themiscyra (/ˌθɛmɪˈskɪrə/; Greek: Θεμίσκυρα Themiskyra) was an ancient Greek town in northeastern Anatolia; it was situated on the southern coast of the Black Sea, near the mouth of the Thermodon. According to Greek mythology, it was the capital city of the Amazons.\_(Pontus)
2 Cantahar I think this is a reference to a piece of artwork by Frank Stella.
3 Aztlan Aztlán (from Nahuatl languages: Aztlān, Nahuatl pronunciation: [ˈast͡ɬaːn] (About this soundlisten)) is the ancestral home of the Aztec peoples. Aztecah is the Nahuatl word for "people from Aztlan". Aztlan is mentioned in several ethnohistorical sources dating from the colonial period, and each of them give different lists of the different tribal groups who participated in the migration from Aztlan to central Mexico, but the Mexica who went on to found Mexico-Tenochtitlan are mentioned in all of the accounts. Historians have speculated about the possible location of Aztlan and tend to place it either in northwestern Mexico or the southwest US, although there are doubts about whether the place is purely mythical or represents a historical reality.
4 Yaxche For the Maya, the Tree of Life, called Yaxche, is traditionally a Ceiba tree. This is a tall tree with large buttressed roots, a remarkably straight trunk, and a high horizontal crown. The roots are said to shelter bats, symbolic of the underworld. The trunk teems with insect life, and attracts the animals and birds that feed on them. The crown spreads wide over the jungle canopy, often with four branches that would suggest the four cardinal directions that are so significant to the Maya. The eagles that roost there represent the celestial realm.
5 Topan ???
6 Valhalla In Norse mythology, Valhalla (/vælˈhælə, vɑːlˈhɑːlə/;[1] from Old Norse: Valhǫll "hall of the slain")[2] is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries, while the other half go to the goddess Freyja's field Fólkvangr. In Valhalla, the dead warriors join the masses of those who have died in combat (known as the Einherjar) and various legendary Germanic heroes and kings, as they prepare to aid Odin during the events of Ragnarök. Before the hall stands the golden tree Glasir, and the hall's ceiling is thatched with golden shields. Various creatures live around Valhalla, such as the stag Eikþyrnir and the goat Heiðrún, both described as standing atop Valhalla and consuming the foliage of the tree Læraðr.
7 Xibalba Xibalba (Mayan pronunciation: [ʃiɓalˈɓa]), roughly translated as "place of fright",[1] is the name of the underworld (or K'iche': Mitnal) in Maya mythology, ruled by the Maya death gods and their helpers. In 16th-century Verapaz, the entrance to Xibalba was traditionally held to be a cave in the vicinity of Cobán, Guatemala.[2] Cave systems in nearby Belize have also been referred to as the entrance to Xibalba.[3] In some Maya areas, the Milky Way is viewed as the road to Xibalba.[4][5][6]
8 Morrow Morrow is a word meaning "the next day" in literary English. It also means "morning" in archaic English.
9 Locuta I think this is Latin for something like “spoken” or “utterances”?
10 Krocylea Krocylea[pronunciation?] (Greek: Κροκύλεια) is an Ancient Greek name of an island in the Ionian Sea, near Ithaca. In Homer's Iliad, book II, Krocylea is part of Odysseus's kingdom. Some researchers, including Wilhelm Dörpfeld estimate that Krocylea is present day island of Atokos or Meganisi.
11 Adlivun In Inuit religion, Adlivun (those who live beneath us,[1] from at ~ al below, -lirn in a certain direction, -vun possessive first person plural;[2] also known as Idliragijenget) are the spirits of the departed who reside in the underworld, and by extension the underworld itself, located beneath the land and the sea. The souls are purified there, in preparation for the travel to the Land of the Moon (Quidlivun or Qudlivun, the uppermost ones),[1][3] where they find eternal rest and peace.[4] Sedna, Torngarsuk and the tornat (spirits of animals and natural formations) and tupilaq (souls of dead people) live in Adlivun,[5] which is usually described as a frozen wasteland. Sedna is the ruler of the land,[5] and is said to imprison the souls of the living as part of the preparation for the next stage of their journey.
12 Minda ???
13 Loloi ???
14 Kay Pacha The pacha (Quechua pronunciation: [pætʃæ], often translated as world) was an Incan concept for dividing the different spheres of the cosmos in Incan mythology. There were three different levels of pacha: the hana pacha, hanan pacha or hanaq pacha (Quechua, meaning "world above"), ukhu pacha ("world below"), and kay pacha ("this world"). . . . Kay pacha (in Quechua) or aka pacha (in Aymara)[6] is the perceptible world where people, animals, and plants all inhabit. Kay pacha is often impacted by the struggle between hanan pacha and ukhu pacha.[2]\_(Inca\_mythology)
15 Frislandia Frisland, also called Frischlant, Friesland, Frislanda, Frislandia, or Fixland, is a phantom island that appeared on virtually all of the maps of the North Atlantic from the 1560s through the 1660s.
16 Calnogor I think this is another reference to a piece of artwork by Frank Stella.
17 Mictlan Mictlan (Nahuatl pronunciation: [ˈmikt͡ɬaːn]) is the underworld of Aztec mythology. Most people who die would travel to Mictlan, although other possibilities exist. (see "Other destinations", below).[1] Mictlan consists of nine distinct levels.[1]
18 Ensipe No idea. Possibly an insect/bug genus?
19 Dominora ???
20 Pyrallis Maybe this: Pyrausta (also called pyrallis (πυραλλίς), pyragones) is a mythological insect-sized dragon from Cyprus. It resembles a four-legged insect with filmy wings and a dragon's head. It lived in the fire like a salamander and died if it went away from the fire.
21 Eden Pretty obvious but: In Abrahamic religions, the Garden of Eden (Hebrew: גַּן־עֵדֶן‎ – gan-ʿḖḏen) or Garden of God (Hebrew: גַן־יְהוָה‎ – gan-Yhwh), also called the Terrestrial Paradise, is the biblical paradise described in Genesis 2-3 and Ezekiel 28 and 31.[1][2]\_of\_Eden
22 Maramma Maybe this: Goddess Maramma is a manifestation of mother goddess that is worshipped in South India, especially in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. She protects people from epidemic diseases and is also known as Mari, Masanamma, Chaudi, Kali and Karali. Some people believe she is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati and refer to her as Maheshwari.
23 Ute-Yomigo Maybe this: The mythology of the Miwok Native Americans are myths of their world order, their creation stories and 'how things came to be' created. Miwok myths suggest their spiritual and philosophical world view. In several different creation stories collected from Miwok people, Coyote was seen as their ancestor and creator god, sometimes with the help of other animals, forming the earth and making people out of humble materials like feathers or twigs.[1] . . . According to Coast Miwok, the dead jumped into the ocean at Point Reyes and followed something like a string leading west beyond the breaker waves, that took them to the setting sun. There they remained with Coyote in an afterworld "ute-yomigo" or "ute-yomi", meaning "dead home."[5]
24 Sitara Sithara is an alternative to Sitara which in Hindi means "a star". The following are notable people and works with name: Sithara (singer), Indian singer / Sithara (actress), Indian actress / Sitara Devi kathak dancer / Mohan Sithara, Malayalam film music composer / Sitaara, a 1984 Telugu film / Sithara, the Hindi TV series Sasural Simar Ka dubbed into Malayalam
25 Silha ???
26 Scheria (Recommended Language: Spanish & English) Scheria or Scherie (/ˈskɪəriə/; Ancient Greek: Σχερία or Σχερίη), also known as Phaeacia (/fiːˈeɪʃə/), was a region in Greek mythology, first mentioned in Homer's Odyssey as the home of the Phaeacians and the last destination of Odysseus in his 10-year journey before returning home to Ithaca. It is one of the earliest descriptions of a Utopia.
27 Oceana Oceana may refer to: Oceana (singer), a German singer / Oceana (album), an album by Derek Sherinian / Oceana (band), an American post-hardcore band / Oceana (nightclub), a chain of nightclubs in the United Kingdom / Oceana (non-profit group), an ocean conservation group / MV Oceana, a cruise ship / Oceana Publications, a U.S. law publisher / Oceàna (opera), by Antonio Smareglia / The Commonwealth of Oceana, a 1656 political tract by James Harington / Oceana, a musical project produced by Manny Lehman / 224 Oceana, an asteroid in the asteroid belt
28 Duguang This seems to be a Filipino term meaning “bloody; covered in blood.”\_advanced.php?translation\_entry\_id=5340
29 Falias Looks like a reference to another MMO, Mabinogi (\_(video\_game)). Falias is the deserted City of the Gods. It is a divine place where the Gods are said to have lived before they decided to descend on Erinn.
30 Moriai In ancient Greece, the moriai (plural of moria) were olive trees considered to be the property of the state because of their religious significance.\_(tree)
31 Ruach Ruach (pronounced roo-akh) is the Hebrew word for spirit, breath, or wind.
32 Heliopolis Heliopolis (I͗wnw, Iunu or 𓉺𓏌𓊖; Ancient Egyptian: I͗wnw, lit. 'the Pillars'; Coptic: ⲱⲛ; Greek: Ἡλιούπολις, romanized: Hēlioúpοlis, lit. 'City of the Sun') was a major city of ancient Egypt. It was the capital of the 13th or Heliopolite Nome of Lower Egypt and a major religious centre. It is now located in Ayn Shams, a northeastern suburb of Cairo. . . . Heliopolis is the Latinised form of the Greek name Hēlioúpolis (Ἡλιούπολις), meaning "City of the Sun". Helios, the personified and deified form of the sun, was identified by the Greeks with the native Egyptian gods Ra and Atum, whose principal cult was located in the city.\_(ancient\_Egypt)
33 Tritonis Tritonis (Τριτονίς), nymph of the homonymous salt-water lake in Libya, mother of Nasamon and Caphaurus (or Cephalion) by Amphithemis,[4] and, according to an archaic version of the myth, also of Athena by Poseidon.[5]
34 Norumbega Norumbega, or Nurembega, is a legendary settlement in northeastern North America which was featured on many early maps from the 1500s until European colonization of the region.[1][2] It was alleged that the houses had pillars of gold and the inhabitants carried quarts of pearls on their heads.[3] The word "Norumbega" was originally spelled Oranbega in Giovanni da Verrazzano's 1529 map of America, and the word is believed to derive from one of the Algonquian languages spoken in New England. It may mean "quiet place between the rapids" or "quiet stretch of water".[4][5] In 1542, Jean Allefonsce reported that he had coasted south from Newfoundland and had discovered a great river. It often appeared on subsequent European maps of North America, lying south of Acadia in what is now New England.
35 Ys Ys (pronounced /ˈiːs/ EESS), also spelled Is or Kêr-Is in Breton, and Ville d'Ys in French, is a mythical city on the coast of Brittany but later swallowed by the ocean. Most versions of the legend place the city in the Baie de Douarnenez.[1]
36 Royllo Royllo (also Roillo), is a legendary phantom island that was once thought to be located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is probably identical with the island originally called Ymana in a 1424 nautical chart of Zuane Pizzigano. The island is usually depicted in many 15th-century maps as a small island located slightly to the west (20 leagues or so) of the much larger island of Antillia.[1] It is often found in the group insulae de novo repertae, or "newly discovered islands" along with other legendary islands.
37 Ogygia Ogygia (/oʊˈdʒɪdʒiə/; Ancient Greek: Ὠγυγίη, romanized: Ōgygíē [ɔːɡyɡíɛː], or Ὠγυγία Ōgygíā [ɔːɡyɡíaː]) is an island mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, Book V, as the home of the nymph Calypso, the daughter of the Titan Atlas. In Homer's Odyssey, Calypso detained Odysseus on Ogygia for seven years and kept him from returning to his home of Ithaca, wanting to marry him.
38 Tlalocan Tlālōcān [t͡ɬaːˈloːkaːn̥] ('place of Tlāloc') is described in several Aztec codices as a paradise, ruled over by the rain deity Tlāloc and his consort Chalchiuhtlicue. It absorbed those who died through drowning or lightning, or as a consequence of diseases associated with the rain deity. Tlālōcān has also been recognized in certain wall paintings of the much earlier Teotihuacan culture. Among modern Nahua-speaking peoples of the Gulf Coast, Tlālōcān survives as an all-encompassing concept embracing the subterranean world and its denizens.
39 Zuvendis Not sure. Maybe a reference to a culture in League of Extraordinary Gentleman?
40 Atvatabar Maybe a reference to a book by William R. Bradshaw? He wrote a number of books, most importantly on vivisection, but is remembered mainly for a work of fiction, “The Goddess of Atvatabar: being the history of the discovery of the interior world, and conquest of Atvatabar,” a Utopian hollow Earth novel using Symmesian geography from the ideas of John Cleves Symmes, Jr. Entering the interior of the world via a Symmes Hole, the protagonists from the world above find an advanced civilization who use spiritual power to do everything from maintain youth to resurrect the dead. In a civil war that erupts following the Atvatabar Goddess's love for a surface man, Lexington White, the ruling powers are overthrown and Lexington White becomes the new king of Atvatabar, the Goddess his queen, and rich trade relations with the surface are opened. It was published by J. F. Douthitt in 1892, and featured an introduction by Julian Hawthorne and illustrations by Cyrus Durand Chapman.\_R.\_Bradshaw#Literary\_career
41 Pleroma Pleroma (Koinē Greek: πλήρωμα, literally "fullness") generally refers to the totality of divine powers. It is used in Christian theological contexts, especially in Gnosticism. The term also appears in the Epistle to the Colossians,[Col 2:9] which is traditionally attributed to Paul the Apostle, although its authenticity is doubted by some modern scholars.[1] The word is used 17 times in the New Testament.[2] The word literally means "fullness", from the verb plēróō (πληρόω, "to fill"), from plḗrēs (πλήρης, "full").[3]
42 Vingolf In Norse mythology, Vingólf is one of the buildings of the gods. It is described as the hall or hörgr of the goddesses and also as a place where righteous men and those slain in battle go after death. It is mentioned in the Prose Edda, Gylfaginning 3 and in the enigmatic poem Hrafnagaldur Óðins.
43 Pahruli In Tamil literature, Pahruli (Tamil:பஃறுளி, Pahruli) is a mythical ancient river located in the sunken landmass of Kumari Kandam. The Silappadhikaram, one of the Five Great Epics of Tamil Literature written in the first few centuries CE, states that the 'cruel sea took the Pandiyan land that lay between the rivers Pahruli and the mountainous banks of the Kumari, to replace which the Pandiyan king conquered lands belonging to the Chola and Chera kings (Maturaikkandam, verses 17-22).
44 Nunne Chaha Creek mythology is related to a Creek Native American tribe who are originally from the southeastern United States, also known by their original name Mvskoke (or Muskogee), the name they use to identify themselves today. . . . The Creek believed that the world was originally entirely underwater. The only land was a hill called Nunne Chaha on which is the home of Hesaketvmese (meaning "master of breath"; pronounced Hisakita imisi), a solar deity also called Ibofanga ("the one who is sitting above (us)"). He created humanity from the clay on the hill.\_mythology
45 Valgrind From stanzas 22 to 24, more details are given by Odin about Valhalla: the holy doors of the ancient gate Valgrind stand before Valhalla, Valhalla has five hundred and forty doors that eight hundred men can pass through at once (from which the einherjar will flow forth to engage the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarök).
46 Orun Marvel reference? Orun, the Great Beyond, was one of the God Realms, among the Inner Planes,[2] and a small "pocket" dimension adjacent to Earth, and the home of the Vodū beings who were were worshiped as gods by the natives of Africa.[1]
47 Takamagahara In Japanese mythology, Takamagahara (高天原, "Plain of High Heaven" or "High Plain of Heaven", also read as Takaamanohara, Takamanohara, Takaamagahara, or Takaamahara), is the abode of the heavenly gods (amatsukami). Often depicted as located up in the sky, it is believed to be connected to the Earth by the bridge Ama-no-ukihashi (the "Floating Bridge of Heaven").
48 Aarnivalkea The Aarnivalkea, in Finnish mythology, are spots where an eternal flame associated with wills o' the wisp burns. They are claimed to mark the places where faerie gold is buried. They are protected by a glamour that would prevent anyone finding them by pure chance. However, if one finds a fern seed from a mythical flowering fern, the magical properties of that seed will lead the fortunate person to these treasures, in addition to providing one with a glamour of invisibility. Since in reality the fern produces no flower and reproduces via spores under the leaves, the myth specifies that it blooms only extremely rarely.
49 Orofena Possibly another reference to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Orofena is an island inhabited by the sleeping god Oro and his daughter Yva. Prior to World War I, Orofena was visited by a trio of shipwrecked Englishmen who succeeded in waking Oro and Yva, causing the Earth to almost tipped off its axis by the irritable god. Subsequent earthquakes had reduced what Orofenian statuary and architecture that still exist to rubble amongst which the graceful native Orofenians maintain their deep and understandable mistrust of Europeans.
50 Olympus Probably this: Olympus is notable in Greek mythology as the home of the Greek gods, on Mytikas peak. It is also noted for its exceptional biodiversity and rich flora. It has been a National Park, the first in Greece, since 1938. It is also a World Biosphere Reserve.[2]\_Olympus
If you have additional information to add/clarify, please DM me.
Also, to my LGBTQ+ fam: I've been trying to find out if there's already an unofficial LGBTQ+ server. Is there one? If not, could we maybe vote on one to frolic in?
Friendly reminder that launch for NA East Coast is 9/28 at 8 AM.
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