North Korea launches ballistic missile into sea, US State Dept. condemns

2021.09.28 06:20 swagNextTuber North Korea launches ballistic missile into sea, US State Dept. condemns

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2021.09.28 06:20 TrendsWide Ayuso defends in New York his “liberal” management of the pandemic | Madrid

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2021.09.28 06:20 locallheroo ELI5 Why can't we we continue to use our umbilical cord to feed after birth.

Can I pour breast milk or vitamin water in and wouldn't it just be absorbed?
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2021.09.28 06:20 khichariya BNB Cash token

The BNB Cash token of the BNB Fintech platform has already been able to attract the attention of investors, but this is not all the platform's capabilities. It is on BNB Fintech that you will find the best DeFi features as well as NFT. All this will allow you to get the maximum profit. Be sure to visit all the official BNB Fintech pages to keep up with all the important news.
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2021.09.28 06:20 swagNextTuber Newt Gingrich: 'Pelosi has been very tough, she runs a dictatorship.'

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2021.09.28 06:20 k61702 2 weeks in Costa Rica, what to pack?

I'm going to be spending two weeks in Costa Rica in October, 75% of it will be spent in Puerto Viejo. I also plan on doing some hiking around the area. I'm a notorious over packer and am trying to only bring my 35L backpack with me. What all do I need to bring with me on this trip (shoes, clothes, gear, etc) and what should I just skip bringing?
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2021.09.28 06:20 RkmRajeev (spoiler) Matt Davis confirmed a few very important details about the show heading into s4

So i was just on twitter the other minute and this video from Matt and Zach's recent panel popped up and boy was it full of juicy stuff.
So Matt Davis' basically confirmed there that Malivore is ending , yes that's right, Malivore's gonna be gone , done and dusted once and for all finally.
Also he basically confirmed that will be getting a few guest appearance throughout the seasons meaning most probably more than just one mikaleson is coming back as well as Caroline and some other characters perhaps .
Plus he also confirms that the next portion will be much more character centric meaning we will be greeted with some good old fashion character development .
Also he says that Alaric will have a good s4 plot. Meaning it's time to put our hopes of Alaric dying for good to bed as well.
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2021.09.28 06:20 swagNextTuber Biden accused of ‘moving goalposts’ on percentage of Americans who need to get jab to return normal

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2021.09.28 06:20 TrendsWide A new study: lack of sleep leads to weight gain.. know the details

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2021.09.28 06:20 swagNextTuber Hannity: Biden devalues American citizenship while Mayorkas won't utter 'illegal immigrant'

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2021.09.28 06:20 DeeSkwared If everyone in your group shares a common language it is rude to start speaking in another language that not everyone understands.

I'm on mobile with only one contact lens in so bear with me, my formatting, and tyops.
An example would be a situation like you're hanging out with a small group of people, all of whom are able to speak fluent French and the only three people who also speak fluent English start conversing in English leaving another person out. .
I speak a few languages that some of my family and friends do not, and some of them speak in languages I don't, but if we are spending time together we all speak in the one language all of us know. If who can all speak English and Norwegian we speak however, same with my Danish cousins whom also speak English, but if we standing in a group of 3 Norwegians and 3 Danes then we have conversations in English so the entire group can participate and understand. It would be so rude and disrespectful to the Danish cousins if the rest of us started speaking only in Norwegian.
It's no different than three people standing in a room and two of the people are having a text convo the third person isn't a part of, while also gesturing and laughing occasionally but never explaining about what or whom they are talking.
If the two people in line behind me at the store are speaking privately in a language I don't understand that's entirely different. It doesn't matter if I understand them or not because I'm not even suppose to be listening.
Not everyone speaks the same language and that's fine, but if we are able to speak to someone in their native language if they don't understand oursz then we should. I would never exclude someone that way or make them feel so uncomfortable. It makes people feel like you're talking about them, or that you're hiding something, or that you are not interested in speaking with them. If you must have a private conversation then excuse yourselves and speak in private, or wait until you are in private. It you absolutely must speak in a language your company can't understand then you absolutely should translate for them.
Tldr; excluding someone by communicating to others in a way that person is unable to is extremely rude. It's no different and it's no less rude then whispering in front of someone else.
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2021.09.28 06:20 AngryaboutVideogames Frozen Homes Pt 176: The Surprised Prince

Monday Post!!
[First] [Prev] [Next] [Wiki]
This could be considered as the start of a new book. So things might seem oddly described at first.
It's the start of a new week and today we step into the real stuff!
So I hope everyone enjoys this chapter and as always!
Thank you all for reading my story and all the comments you leave!


The signal was received, and The Messenger, Captained by one Michael Graeme, issued his orders. The ship would jump into an unknown sector. Their mission? To follow a singular transponder beacon into the deepest part of space in pursuit of a Tlafner Prince. To jump into a system where no Alliance member had travelled before.
"Arriving at designated coordinates in three, two, one." Helmsman Srettia announced, her calm voice echoing throughout the bridge as she continued to monitor the long jump into the unknown expanse.
Pausing his most recent review of officer reports, Michael worriedly glanced over to his trusted friend and AI Jack. "Status of the stealth systems?"
"All systems at full power." The hard light projection replied smoothly.
The Messenger glided silently into the system, its scanners slowly powering up as if excited yet hesitant to look at the surroundings lest they alert the fleet they were pursuing.
Michael was rocked in his crash couch, alerts began barking, and automatic restraints were deployed to keep the crew in place. "Report!" He shouted.
"We've jumped into a massive debris field. Navigational shields at seventy-two percent and dropping quick, we need to power up the shields now!" Tactical officer Commander Soto shouted.
"Do it!" Michael replied, looking over to both Steven and Jack. "What the hell did we jump into?"
Another shockwave swept through the ship, and Steven shook his head in disbelief as he put a picture up on the main display. "I don't know. It looks like a warzone."
"Divert power into navigational shields, full power to stealth systems." Michael quickly ordered, gritting his teeth as he continued to be thrown around in his command couch. "Jack, once you figure out if they can detect us with our shields up, I want a report."
Michael looked to the main display as affirmations were returned. It was definitely a battle of some kind, one between two, perhaps three factions.
"Power to shields is possible. They can not pierce our stealth systems." Jack announced, causing Soto to immediately redirect much of the ship's power into them.
"I think there might only be two factions, from what I see at least." Operations officer Steven announced. "There seems to be a planetary defence fleet made of both Tlafner warships and the local inhabitants vessels. I think they're working closely with the Prince's flotilla in entrapping the unknown fleet."
"Who are the unknowns then?" Michael asked curiously.
"I believe they are a Tlafner expeditionary force." Jack answered. "I am currently studying their systems. But from my initial observations, they seem to have been battling the defensive fleet for over a week."
"Then..... No, ignore that. We need more information." Michael corrected. "Can you give us a view of the Prince's bridge?"
Jack gazed deeply into his console, not bothering to look up from it while he answered as if forgetting about his body. "I believe I can. But it is possible that the Nokis unit aboard would detect my invasion as she is rather skilled at defending her vessel."
"I don't want to risk it then." Michael continued, once again gritting his teeth as a stray slug bounced off the shields. "Is there a safe place we can move to?"
"The system is pretty lively. To the point that I'm seeing a lot of stray shots from the invading Tlafner force rain down on the planet..." Soto answered calmly, almost unnervingly so. "But I believe I've found us a good spot to observe." He finished, sending a new set of coordinates to Srettia.
Quickly, she put them into her console, directing the ship to an empty portion of the system before sighing in relief. "We are clear of both the debris field and battlezone, Captain."
"Understood." Michael answered. "What do you make of this?" He soon asked aloud, directing his question to those on the bridge.
In silence, the crew watched the battle. It was one-sided... Almost. The outnumbered defenders held their own while trying their best to intercept the stray shots. They fought valiantly, something Michael wasn't quite expecting after reading the initial reports on Tlafner behaviour. But, for the defenders, for every ship they destroyed, they would lose at least one in return. And with the aggressors having almost twice the numbers, it was only a matter of time before the planet was lost.
If not for the Prince's fleet arriving and carving through the aggressors, that is. It was something that interested Michael greatly. With the Prince's fleet having slightly more advanced armour, shields, and weapons, he was making short work of the unknown force before him.
"Both formations are abysmal." Soto commented. "They're linking up in large walls and just shooting at each other. And while it makes sense for the defensive fleet to do so, the Prince's fleet won't pierce through the enemies as they are, not for a while at least. The one who was second to that Sector Warlord had better tactics." He finished.
"I thought the Prince was trying to keep a low profile or something." Srettia commented. "Why is he at war with his own people?"
"I believe this force caught him off guard." Jack answered. "They do not bear markings to that of standard Tlafner ships we have come across or that of the Prince's fleet. They seem to have a unique symbol is of unknown origin." He concluded, displaying a blood-red square.
It was definitely unique to Michael's eye. However, when he looked closer at the symbol, he came to know exactly what it was. He cut out the rest of the battle and zoomed into it. A blood-red square, two lines drawn from the top corners, met in the middle, where another line was pulled down to the bottom. Between the upper lines was filled dark-blue almost black, and four unmistakable golden-orange eyes could be seen, that of the Tlafner. From the meeting point of these three lines, two smaller ones pointed towards the bottom corners, downwards to an object, a crown to the left, and a planet on the right.
"That's one ugly flag." Michael commented.
"Well, they'll be destroyed at this rate regardless." Commander Soto commented. "Can we intercept any outgoing signals? Find out if that's some sort of Tlafner faction opposed to the Prince?"
"There is too much interference, I'm starting to clear it up, but it'll take some time." Steven said worriedly.
"I believe I have gained access to the unknown fleet's flagship, one moment." Jack announced, despawning his avatar and going deathly silent soon after.


Prince Heneder was furious, and his bridge crew was very aware of this fact. Not only did his plans for that silent sector fall through due to that dangerous Alliance that appeared from the dark. But his brother, the second Prince whose name he cursed a thousand, thousand times, had secretly sent a small fleet to investigate one of his planets while he was away. And in doing so started a war between the two. An action that happened much sooner than Heneder would have liked.
"High Admiral Lowenedl is demanding you answer her hails, your radiance." An officer reported calmly. "She also demands our surrender."
Heneder clicked his mandibles in rage and shook his head. "Continue to block any outgoing communications and target her ship directly. Word of what I've been doing in this system might have already leaked, but I'd rather my failure of a brother not know the size of my fleet."
"Shall I contact our other systems and inform them to prepare our forces for battle? I believe we should take the war to Iawallon Immediately." Sikon said, spawning herself on the Prince's command console.
Heneder sighed and looked Sikon in her green eyes. "I am unprepared for such an expedition. We lack a great many things, including much-needed intelligence on his forces. I believe I would only be leading my army into a slaughter."
A bright light lit up the central screen, pulling the Prince's golden eyes away from his command pad. "Report!"
"Enemy flagship destroyed as requested your grace." The weapons officer replied proudly, perking his antenna straight towards the ceiling and showing it brazenly.
"Their ships are no match for our own Heneder." Sikon added. " Our ships number near fifty thousand, and additionally, we have millions of well-armed troops. Our supply lines are strong with our advanced warp, and we have the element of surprise. Striking now may be our only chance to bring the one who has continually insulted you to the most miserable of ends."
Heneder looked around the bridge, at his crew, then towards the tactical map, at the quickly dwindling fleet before him. "Perhaps you are correct. Perhaps I am just shaken from seeing the might of the Terrans."
"They are unimportant at this moment. For now, you should focus on Iawallon. Destroy him and take what is yours!" Sikon said, almost forcefully. "Once his territory is yours, the materials within-"
"Belong to the people." Heneder interrupted. "My brothers may take resources from our citizens in the guise of protecting us from the others. But I will have none of that."
"Of course, forgive me, Heneder." Sikon weakly replied.
Heneder once again looked away from the tactical display, down at the female who had been pushing him forward for a great many years. "You have a not-so-hidden thirst to use me in freeing your shackled sisters. But we will do so without hurting those who are unaware of the Empire's crimes."
Sikon was silent, and only the sounds of the talking bridge officers could be heard as the two looked longingly at each other. "I have not been using you." Sikon finally said.
Heneder shook his head. "You were at first. Perhaps that changed somewhere along the way. But we'll talk about this amongst ourselves tonight. For now, we have a battle to win..." He finished, pausing to think for only a second before clattering his mandibles excitedly. "Send out the signal, rally the fleets and prepare for war."


The senior officers sat in a silence, in the dim light of the Tactical room. Michael continued to study the results of the battle he had witnessed. It was almost mindblowing to him, to witness the Prince's call for civil war near the end. "What do we do?" He asked cautiously.
"I've already sent a report back to fleet command." Operations officer Steven replied.
"We should continue our mission until recalled." Soto added.
"I was planning to continue with the mission regardless." Michael replied. "But we're now following a ship that will be continually entering battle zones. We need to be prepared for the time we're detected, or worse."
"I don't believe they will ever detect us. But the worst part I can foresee." Jack stated strongly. "A stray projectile knocking out our stealth systems could happen if we are not careful in our pursuit."
"So we drop out of jump space a few light years away and slowly move in." Srettia helped, drumming her fingers on the table as the previous battle continued to play out on the central display. "Or we keep the shields at maximum output and risk being detected when we exit our jump."
"It would be helpful if the nameless aboard that ship could relay information as well, but I don't want them risking themselves by sending too much information." Soto suggested.
"Keeping that transponder running and themselves hidden away is their only priority. Whatever information they steal in the meantime is just a bonus." Michael shot back. "We'll go with the slowly moving in. Tracking him isn't too hard right now anyway.
"So we're really about to witness a war between two brothers. Why would they do such a thing?" Srettia asked.
Jack snapped his fingers, something the officers grinned over, having never seen Jack do so as he displayed the form of what the gathered officers considered, a healthy-looking Tlafner. With a rear shell of dark crimson red and golden orange eyes, resembling the colours on his flag, and a soft white front. The officers present now better understood the flag and perhaps the attitude of the second Prince a bit better. "The limited information I was able to steal before I had to flee the damaged flagship suggests the second Prince. One Iawallon has plans on stealing Prince Heneder's limited territory within the Empire to bolster his forces. I believe finding a defensive fleet such as they did was very unexpected as the now-dead High Admiral thought very lowly of the fourth prince."
"Why would they think that? Everything we've seen so far shows that he is an intelligent forward thinking commander." Soto advised, pulling up the fleet report on the male in question. "He even got the better of the Fleet Admiral in their confrontation... Well, if you exclude the Nameless, that is. Even Ewart has a bit about being weary of his intelligence." He continued, pointing out that exact bit.
"I do not know." Jack replied with a shrug. "This is why I suggest we keep our distance and watch as ordered."
"Then we do as suggested. We keep our distance and watch." Michael renewed. "Until we see a danger to ourselves or are discovered, we'll follow Heneder around. We'll study the systems he enters, the tactics he uses and learn as much about this new war as we can. And then, we'll take this back home for study."
"Then it's decided." Soto announced, turning a serious face to Michael as he thumbed his approval of the plan. "This might mean we'll be forced to ignore war crimes against civilians. You know that, right, Captain? Knowing how the Tlafner treat what they consider commoners, I mean."
"Then we'll do precisely that... We'll send a message to fleet command and wait for our orders if we see it happening." Michael replied, studying the action plan for a moment as Jack finalized some minor points. "Other than that... Well, we'll cross that road if it comes down to do."

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2021.09.28 06:20 staccato_purr The Randy Marion Contract Is a Firm Order Commitment For 6,000 Vehicles by before the end of Q1

$ELMS just filed the signed agreement with the SEC on a form 8-K. (Here:
Amazing news that they have a firm commitment for 6,000 of the first 8,000 vehicles, beginning with 1,000. The agreement also states that Randy Marion must order these 6,000 vehicles by February 28, 2022. It is also called the "First Order Requirement" in the agreement, implying that there will be more.
$ELMS is delivering on their stated timeline. They could have over $30 Million in top line revenue in Q4, and around $240 Million in top line revenue in Q1 if they manage to place all their remaining 5,000 vehicles with Randy Marion in Q1 plus 2,000 with other dealers.
Electric Last Mile is continuing to impress. Soon this should translate to market recognition.
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